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@CornBREDX: well I was merely talking about the unboxing video so...

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... I don't get your point; what's wrong with unboxing videos exactly?

The point is it was sent free to them. And that is part of the Rabs original Article of Game journalist being technically paid off with free stuff from PR, as PR people ARE ALWAYS trying to influence them.

That is why its a funny picture.

No, the point was that totilo posted something on how he wanted to engage in good games journalism and then he posted that unboxing video as if that wasn't good games journalism for whatever reason.

I mean what's the difference between that video and the skyrim statue unboxing?

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... I don't get your point; what's wrong with unboxing videos exactly?

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@Blackout62 said:

Spec Ops: The Line. I mean justifiably so, that game was nowhere near perfect. But dude it was freakin' Spec Ops: The Line! Analytical books that I have the intent to read are being written about it!

That's only because it was just popular enough for that shit to happen. You can do that about plenty of things, that thing alone does not a deep game make.

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a vote that doesn't include kaiju piledriver is a vote that is designed for brad muir not to come and do a QL of it

don't make brad muir sad :(

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@Ghostiet said:

I find it hilarious that no one talks about Polygon's game journalism. Whenever this site is mentioned, it's always about their weird-ass advertising policies. Talk about a rough start for these guys.

easy solution to this problem

don't have weird ass advertising policies

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Lotus juice is soo bad

I mean sometimes it gets into so bad it's good territory but most of the time man

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@Branthog: to be entirely fair, I'd rather have a guy posting on forums than the extremely excessive ads that Extremist does, for example; it's just as annoying but I can ignore it.

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Geico customers sure are happy. How happy are they? Happier than a person who never has to read Polygon.

*cue the banjo*

watching stuff on hulu, this commercial shows up ALL THE TIME


just like this geico poster

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

How am I to know you not an advanced spam bot, getting our trust up dissing other spam bots the BAM! I am buying untested Bosnian Viagra.

give back the clay