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@Claude: now that I think about it, that ending in the witcher 1 WAS pretty cool, I was just so bored playing the game that I forgot how fuckin crazy it was.

Reminds me of the ending to Metro 2033 actually, both of them sort of weird sort of dream sequences (which I forgot to mention but was also pretty awesome)

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@Claude: really? I thought it was pretty cool but not anything super special.

my list, off the top of my head;

Mother 3


Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (TDE only)

Final Fantasy 13-2

all the ones I can think of that haven't been said already.

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@TruthTellah: well the guy who did it in 2011 didn't do it manually, he made some sort of program that checked all lists named GOTY 2011 or something and compiled it there. and I don't know how to do that.

but the staff officially did it in 2010 so I was just wondering.

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@bkbroiler: meh. They're pretty good but for instance I still think there are better little girl characters out there (Nanako from P4 and probably Yonah from Nier). Binary Domain also has a cast full of deep, multifaceted characters in it.

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@MrKlorox said:

I didn't like much of this year's metal that I've heard. However the hip-hop was pretty good. Aesop Rock's Skelethon is probably my favorite. Then El-P-'s Cancer 4 Cure and Killer Mike's R.A.P. Music are also up on the list.

which have you heard? I think the new Gojira and the new High on Fire albums were great.

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@Brad said:

@Cheesebob said:

Binary Domain: Best Character, Caine. He is a polite, very dry, very witty robot who is also a FRENCH JAMES BOND.

I really have to put some time into that as soon as possible.

you should, it's not really that long anyway (8 hours or so)

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@murisan said:

@ShadowMoses900: Yes, I agree that Hamas is a terrorist organization, but Israel should know better than to do EXACTLY what Hamas wants and bomb civilian areas. Hamas wins when they do that.

yeah this is my point too.

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@ShadowMoses900 said:

@AhmadMetallic:If you are really Israeli, you would know what I'm talking about. Israel gives women equal rights, they can dress how they want and go where they want and marry who they want. Israel allows freedom of religion, it even allows homosexuals to serve openly in the military. These things do not happen in Arab countries.

This is why Israel is a good country to support.

good thing that the PLO is a secular organization then huh

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@ShadowMoses900 said:

@Icemo:I'm a Jew, I know about the conflict, Israel has done some bad things but so has other countries such as the US, the UK etc....but overall Israel is in the right, they have the right values, they are a democracy and a beacon of freedom amidst a sea of tyrants. Israel has every right to exist and defend it's self, if Hamas was firing rockets at people in New York we would be pissed and do something about it. Israel is not evil, Hamas however is.

This is all Hamas's fault, not Israel. I don't mind the Palestinians getting a side state of their own, however that won't end the conflict and Israel's security must come first.

then do you think that the israeli settlements in the west bank are right too?

because they arent