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a vote that doesn't include kaiju piledriver is a vote that is designed for brad muir not to come and do a QL of it

don't make brad muir sad :(

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@Ghostiet said:

I find it hilarious that no one talks about Polygon's game journalism. Whenever this site is mentioned, it's always about their weird-ass advertising policies. Talk about a rough start for these guys.

easy solution to this problem

don't have weird ass advertising policies

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Lotus juice is soo bad

I mean sometimes it gets into so bad it's good territory but most of the time man

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@Branthog: to be entirely fair, I'd rather have a guy posting on forums than the extremely excessive ads that Extremist does, for example; it's just as annoying but I can ignore it.

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@Coafi said:

@Milkman said:

Geico customers sure are happy. How happy are they? Happier than a person who never has to read Polygon.

*cue the banjo*

watching stuff on hulu, this commercial shows up ALL THE TIME


just like this geico poster

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

How am I to know you not an advanced spam bot, getting our trust up dissing other spam bots the BAM! I am buying untested Bosnian Viagra.

give back the clay

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@rubberluffy: psh, fuck those; he does the Jormungand soundtrack, and he's directly responsible for this happening (worked with the rapper on the lyrics according to her comments on youtube)

clearly on some next level shit

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I mean if you want to just watch all of the premium content you can just pay for a monthly and pretty much watch it all. if not all, than the best ones; and then from there you can see if you want to pay the whole 50 for future features

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if you haven't before then yes it is very worth it.

if you have before well I dunno

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