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@AhmadMetallic:If you are really Israeli, you would know what I'm talking about. Israel gives women equal rights, they can dress how they want and go where they want and marry who they want. Israel allows freedom of religion, it even allows homosexuals to serve openly in the military. These things do not happen in Arab countries.

This is why Israel is a good country to support.

good thing that the PLO is a secular organization then huh

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@Icemo:I'm a Jew, I know about the conflict, Israel has done some bad things but so has other countries such as the US, the UK etc....but overall Israel is in the right, they have the right values, they are a democracy and a beacon of freedom amidst a sea of tyrants. Israel has every right to exist and defend it's self, if Hamas was firing rockets at people in New York we would be pissed and do something about it. Israel is not evil, Hamas however is.

This is all Hamas's fault, not Israel. I don't mind the Palestinians getting a side state of their own, however that won't end the conflict and Israel's security must come first.

then do you think that the israeli settlements in the west bank are right too?

because they arent

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Resonance of Fate.

I love that game but a sequel would be dumb considering how it ends (a spiritual sequel would be cool tho)

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That's grounds for shooting right? We can shoot whomever designed that can't we?

I'm sorry dave

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Nier 2

though really it would be a prequel detailing what happened with the red eyed legion in Jerusalem, but still

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Cavia motherfuckers. They just put out an actual good game before they closed and I wanted to see more Nier dagnabbit.

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tatami galaxy is hard to watch personally; the art style plus the speed of it makes it mad confusing.

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Here's a new SG PV

Loading Video...

oh dang.

from what it sounds like, it sounds similar to Persona 2: Eternal Punishment though I may be reading too much into it, but:

Kurisu (Tatsuya) cannot forget, but her not forgetting will cause one of the other timelines to come to fruition (probably the one with SERN). and the only way that the steins;gate timeline can come to fruition is if Okabe (Maya) and Kurisu both never speak to each other again, because maya was the one with the memories, and she needs to stay away to let Tatsuya live his life.
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was it the most emotional story this year? Yes, but I really wouldn't call it the best story and the game has serious issues (mostly the puzzles weren't very fun).

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It's pretty sad that fusing persona and nearly passing out from boredom is the go to for the vita.

At least it's not another yearly entry that does nothing new or exciting with little personality, like Call of Duty, Halo and Assassins Creed.

I think I like Persona because it feels like the Pokemon games Nintendo should be making now that technology has moved past the Game Boy.

they may not do anything new, but at least they're THERE (persona 5 anybody?)

also comparing persona to pokemon... they made the first two SMT games on the super nintendo, they made that style of game. It's not pokemon, and pokemon should not be as bleak and dark as Persona is.