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if only Kanji could grow a beard like that

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@NyxFe: it wasn't truthtellah's post he's a cool bro

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gotta say, nothing much; it's been a real shitty year for me all told

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@Gizmo said:

@JasonR86: Well, I agree with the points he/she is making. What do you think about the post?

well I think that he doesn't know shit about anything regarding transsexuality

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so instead of evangelion I started watching mirai nikki because people compared it to eden of the east and devil survivor.

show be crazy as fuck

also I don't think you can throw a dart hard enough to pierce a cell phone, just saying.

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@Gizmo: it's really not but hey what does science know

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Is it on any streaming sites then? I don't think it is, never seen anything about evangelion on crunchyroll or hulu or youtube

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@Hailinel: never called it stupid though! I've always just heard it was really stupid. and no I'm not going to watch because mecha shows bore me (Code Geass was the lone exception).

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@Hailinel: I have no idea, the one with the penguin or whatever

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So this is probably as good a place as any to ask this question. I really like the way anime looks especially really dark, sinister-ass looking anime. But I really dislike melodrama and I assume that most anime is melodramatic (though I imagine I'm wrong). So what is good anime for someone like me?

you should give more specifics; any sort of genre specifically (sci fi, action, etc) or what?

I don't really have a genre I'm particularly interested in per se. I just want it to be 'good'. I guess the genre I'm least interested in are romance stories and if I were to narrow down my tastes I tend to enjoy sci-fi more then anything else. But I'm sort of open to anything.

Steins;Gate is a good recommendation (basically this crazy college student accidentally invents a time travel device); it starts off pretty humorous but it quickly ramps up. It has it's drama but it's totally warranted as well, and all of the characters are fantastic.

@Hailinel: I dunno I've always just heard it's super melodramatic and the ending is terrible