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oh gosh, I knew this at some point in my life (like 5 months ago when the game came out) but now I would just try to have at least one demon that has healing as a racial skill and once you get there have recarm on at least one person, hopefully two.

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I was a shit poster, and am now a slightly less shittier poster (because this is the forum where I can not use punctuation, SA doesn't tolerate that shit)


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dude what if that gamefaqs post is true than that is some offensive ass dialogue.

guess I'm not playing hitman absolution (not that I was realistically going to until it goes to 5$ anyway but man fuck that shit)

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most digital download stores have that information though; where are you wanting these keys from exactly?

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can't you just recover the keys from the place you bought them from? like have them resend the keys to you?

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@JasonR86 said:

@Wraxend said:

Hadn't even dawned on me to think of Lee as a black protagonist, to me he was just a human being. Don't know if that says something more about me personally :D

It says that you're Jesus Christ you color-blind, magnificent man you!

that'd be a cool colorblindness

I mean you could still probably tell by hair, eyes, bone structure, but still.

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@JasonR86: because he wanted to let us know that by acknowledging a good character who happens to be black is good and that's rare, we're racist.

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@Jams: or, you know, some people just want some diversity in their character selection now and then.

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the female exile is the canon choice, and the ending is still not great (even with the restored content) so be prepared for that.

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Nier, Persona 2, Binary Domain; mostly Nier though. I remember nearly all of the names of the bosses and shit (mostly because they are fairy tale references though)