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was it the most emotional story this year? Yes, but I really wouldn't call it the best story and the game has serious issues (mostly the puzzles weren't very fun).

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It's pretty sad that fusing persona and nearly passing out from boredom is the go to for the vita.

At least it's not another yearly entry that does nothing new or exciting with little personality, like Call of Duty, Halo and Assassins Creed.

I think I like Persona because it feels like the Pokemon games Nintendo should be making now that technology has moved past the Game Boy.

they may not do anything new, but at least they're THERE (persona 5 anybody?)

also comparing persona to pokemon... they made the first two SMT games on the super nintendo, they made that style of game. It's not pokemon, and pokemon should not be as bleak and dark as Persona is.

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@EquitasInvictus: Ijust realized the bro in your avatar looks a lot like mine, where is yours from?

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In addition, we should totally narrow it down to the top 3-5 and make an official thread for no holds barred discussions on the user GotY. Everyone would love that!

oh god don't even say that, that would be the worst.

also I can already say it'd be the walking dead so it's not gonna be too surprising.

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@BeachThunder: It can be any time really. I was all set to make my list (because I am a poor and dont have money for games) than one of my friends gifted me sleeping dogs, walking dead and mark of the ninja, so now I have to play those first.

Regardless of who does it though, staff or users, I hope it gets more exposure on the site.

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well as far as I know, it was just a user who made a thing which checked everyone's account and found a list specifically titled GOTY 2011 (I think). and that was fun but it also had way less people doing it.

Anyone know where that post went? I forgot who did it.

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I mean in 2010 we all made lists and they listed the overall GOTY as well as the user's GOTY, but in 2011 they did the whole guess the staff's top picks which was fun but also less interesting on the whole. There was sort of one that a user made in 2011 but it just wasn't the same. I just wanted people to sound off and think about what they'd rather do (I mean no reason we can't do both, honestly).

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@Animasta: It really was just a question. I have realized that I don't want to personally wallow in grief any more so I keep myself in check. That works for me. I'm not insisting you, or anyone else, do the same.

and some people can't control their emotions as well, so there's your answer

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anime is for jerks is intolerant to jerks

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It's funny that the people arguing for tolerance are usually advocating intolerance of what they consider to be intolerant. Strange world we live in today.

why? to the tolerant, being intolerant is the exact opposite of a good thing, so why shouldn't the tolerant advocate intolerance against the intolerant? once the intolerant becomes tolerant, than everyone is tolerated and thus there is no more intolerant

oh god I'm so confused