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Wait...isn't that the same date the world comes to an end?

no that's the 21st

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someone should start doing one of these, but from the other end; I bet there's some awesomely terrible zorbs games out there

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Binary Domain, i don't even know if any of them played more than what was in the Quicklook... which is a damn shame cuz that game is like a flower.... it blossoms later on.

Out of curiosity, what is it about Binary Domain that so many people seem to love? From the bit I've seen, nothing about it looks too amazing (not that it looks bad either). Is the gameplay that good or is it the story?

all of the characters mostly, as well as the story; imagine Deadly premonition if the story made more sense and it was pretty fun to play.

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way too close to christmas don't you know marketing

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if only Kanji could grow a beard like that

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@NyxFe: it wasn't truthtellah's post he's a cool bro

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gotta say, nothing much; it's been a real shitty year for me all told

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@Gizmo said:

@JasonR86: Well, I agree with the points he/she is making. What do you think about the post?

well I think that he doesn't know shit about anything regarding transsexuality

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so instead of evangelion I started watching mirai nikki because people compared it to eden of the east and devil survivor.

show be crazy as fuck

also I don't think you can throw a dart hard enough to pierce a cell phone, just saying.

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@Gizmo: it's really not but hey what does science know