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I love about all this complaining about people complaining that giant bomb is not hiring any women or black people.

you know, all that complaining about no black people or women that's been going on for the past 3 pages

go back to being faux paranoid about tweets jesuss

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that was my least favorite version of transformers

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@hailinel said:

We're all going to listen to the Bombcast tomorrow expecting the announcement and it'll just be three solid hours of Jeff making fart noises into the microphone.

only when you play it backwards does it say who the new hire is

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@mcgray90 said:

@leebmx: Has anyone looked like World cup winners?

Really, it's only been Columbia.

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Shit, I turned it off after Ozil scored <_<

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That foul on Onazi should've been a red imho. it looked real fuckin gnarly

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Some great penalties to wash the mouth of those terrible penalties Brazil and Chile took

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This was going to be the year we broke the streak. This makes six World Cups in a row where Mexico is eliminated in the Round of 16. :'(

hey don't worry, the US will be joining you

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Costa Rica can beat Italy, England, they sure as shit can beat the Netherlands


edit; and greece

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that penalty was soft as hell, but Robben had an actual penalty that wasn't called in the first half so it wasn't necessarily undeserved.

I am sad, no more miguel herrera :(