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my mom played MK3 with me when I was 6

she was not very good at it but neither was I!

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@quarters said:

I find it to be the most important part of the game for me, 90% of the time.


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I liked Madoka and all but I think people who herald it as some deep dark deconstruction of the magical girl genre have not watched a lot of magical girl shows

sailor moon, the first season ends by everyone getting killed except Usagi

(also the best part of Madoka is the music and the art that isn't the character designs)

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Nier, Digital Devil Saga 2 and Mother 3

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@zombiepie: Are the other stories like super related? Would knowing the other thing flesh out the SG universe more and such?

not really. not counting the fact that chaos;head is creepy as hell, there's like 5 minor references to it at most (and it's mostly just like 'hey remember this thing that was really popular about a year ago huh')

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@daveyo520: the only thing scary about steins;gate is that it's effing long.

I know everything about it and it still took me 20 hours

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Anime is the worst

(also I'm rewatching Steins;Gate for about the third time after replaying the game for a second time, but this time in ENGLISH)

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Ya, the General Discussion game is really cool.


Now I'm imagining an army man in some sort of... typing tutor? visual novel?

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I don't know why all these people who want... whatever they want for games journalism (lol) are banded together with this gamersgate campaign that started as a zoe quinn had sex fuck her campaign?

whatever's whatever, if you think it's that important to you than rail on games journalism but gamersgate started out shitty and is not getting any better

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Nier. That game...

Alternatively, Fallout: New Vegas. I sped right through that game first time round and didn't give the game the reverence it deserved imho