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I haven't watched the last half of book 2 (I think I stopped with the origin story) or Book 3 but now I want to catch up, that trailer looks rad

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Asylum, yes.

I don't think he could escape a prison though

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I have played all of one game released in 2014, so my GOTY is automatically Jazzpunk

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@corruptedevil said:
@yesiamaduck said:

Basically I don't blame Notch at all, anyone calling Notch a sell out on the greater web has no idea how life works and the fact that notch has apparently wanted to leave for quite some time. He has the chance to fade into obscurity as a rich man, that's a very exclusive club because being rich often comes with a very candid lifestyle.

I think he deserves it since he pulled all Oculus support for Minecraft when they were bought by Facebook and called them sellouts.

Morals are worth approx. 2.5 Billion dollars.

if anyone itt was in Notch's position they would sell in a heartbeat for that much money

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it's basically crusader kings but with ducks.

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I actually thought it was 1.048596

but it's from Steins;Gate... I feel dumb :(

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@theht said:

Soooooo does that mean easterners love Destiny?

Yup. If you visit one B. Shoemaker's twitter, you'll find that he enjoys it.

He is also from the south, aka, the southeast.

Coincidence??? I think not

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Football Manager 2014 - 1566 hours

admittedly I leave it on a lot while doing other things but still

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I was about 100 miles south of here. I think I just watched cartoons or something

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I'm just saying, maybe if video games were good he'd be less jaded