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I don't really know how you'd make a new one considering how final the ending was. I mean I guess you could just say "ANOTHER CRAZY HAPPENING IN THE INTERNET" or whatever they called it but it would feel weird after 6.

Maybe a game playing as Chaud and Protoman being net police would be pretty cool

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4 was bad, but I thought 5 and 6 were both pretty good.

edit; they are worth going back to and 4 isn't really important (there's a tournament, there's a vampire, there's a giant satellite thing that almost crashes?)

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@csl316 said:

You know, I just linked this thread a couple weeks ago. There was a damn good reason, too.

I don't know why it keeps coming back into my life.

you can't get enough of the NCP

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That's billion bucks?

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This is all because you broke your bad journalism glass Patrick

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@rollingzeppelin said:

So sorry to hear that duder :(. I just got a cat a couple months ago and he's the most adorable little bugger I've ever seen, I would be devastated if he died.

What was his name?

buddy, sheesh, read the OP next time! (:P)

thanks y'all, I'm better now, I've known it was coming for a while but you know how it goes

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Someone pressed B I guess

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It's too literal. They should have been more subtle with their political references. It would have been easy to make it not so direct.

As it stands it's very offensive and makes sense it would be removed.

you fly over Baza with Misrael jets trying not to kill civilians

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Dan did formally apologize for his soccer comments and deleted those tweets fwiw.