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Sports are for nerds.

sport statistic nerds are the worst

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Why haven't you seen sports?

it's only like 2 minutes...

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Also don't be an Arsenal fan as literally a quarter of the internet is an arsenal fan

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I went with Everton because they were 5th last year but they've been pretty bad thus far. I don't think I can handle another team with a terrible defense and strong attack, because that's my MLS team (Portland just got it's third clean sheet of the season, yaaaaay)

so I just started watching Swansea matches because... go wales? Jonjo Shelvey also looks like Voldemort so there's that

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@animasta said:

OP you are a shitty shitty troll in my humble opinion

perhaps a MRA acting overly antagonistic to shit on the enemy SJW? Perhaps

Or maybe all crazy MRA people are secretly SJW pod people who want to outlaw male protagonists.

Seriously, stop using these stupid terms. And if you think something is trolling, flag them and move on.

I was joking you know!

It does seem far too hardcore for it not to be a troll, one way or the other, and a really hardcore feminist trolling GB seems like a silly idea to me, there's better places to do that

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Nier prequel that involves the war between the crusaders and the shades after magic is introduced into the world, it would end with the destruction of red eye in Jerusalem


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Crusader Kings II/common/cultures/00_cultures.txt

it's pretty much perfect.

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@csl316 said:

I'm rooting for awesome Mary because Dan is the WORST winner.

We'll have to hear about it for years!

Mary is the hero we deserve and need.