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Hey, Glee was good for like 2 seasons

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Also, I've figured it out; America plays better when we are behind.

We should kick it into our own goal in the first minute and then we can dominate

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Alright, time to officially support Costa Rica now.


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Belgium was a better team and deserved to win.

Julian fucking green though LOL

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Fabian Johnson going off worries me way more than Jozy... Yedlin looks good so far but I'm still worried his inexperience will hurt us :/

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@elixirbronze said:

wow... I feel like at this point the reactions to the reactions to the new hires got way overblown and way bigger than the original reactions were in the first place.



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Ugh, this thread fucking sucks.

Everyone's raging on people who are mad that they didn't get a job and are tweeting whilst mad. Or even mad about a different matter (if anyone wants to debate that Leigh gets way more shit than she deserves on this site...), but instead all we're doing is raging against people that AREN'T POSTING HERE.

Nobody's debating with anybody, we're just going "YEAH FUCK THOSE PEOPLE" and it's terrible. For the record, I don't care about whether the new hires were women or not. but all this raging about people not actually here... it's super echo chambery.

I fully agree with what Leigh tweeted though. If it were literally anyone else besides Carrie, the amount of shit they would get would be immense.

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I love about all this complaining about people complaining that giant bomb is not hiring any women or black people.

you know, all that complaining about no black people or women that's been going on for the past 3 pages

go back to being faux paranoid about tweets jesuss

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that was my least favorite version of transformers

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@hailinel said:

We're all going to listen to the Bombcast tomorrow expecting the announcement and it'll just be three solid hours of Jeff making fart noises into the microphone.

only when you play it backwards does it say who the new hire is