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it's basically crusader kings but with ducks.

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I actually thought it was 1.048596

but it's from Steins;Gate... I feel dumb :(

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@theht said:

Soooooo does that mean easterners love Destiny?

Yup. If you visit one B. Shoemaker's twitter, you'll find that he enjoys it.

He is also from the south, aka, the southeast.

Coincidence??? I think not

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Football Manager 2014 - 1566 hours

admittedly I leave it on a lot while doing other things but still

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I was about 100 miles south of here. I think I just watched cartoons or something

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I'm just saying, maybe if video games were good he'd be less jaded

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@ford_dent: yeah, I do get what they were trying to go for with the walk speed, but at the point where you go one way and OH WHOOPS there's a fence there and you have to go around the other way is so fucking maddening.

Also, I heavily recommend using the easy patch for the void. Playing OG void is unwise unless you're playing it again. The easy patch made the rest of the game much easier, I just had a hard time on the last cycle because I was a big idiot when it came to color production (I actually have a save going now but I have no idea if I have enough color for the end)

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I can't fucking get past the first day in this game, I keep starting it and then get annoyed by how slow it is and walk away. I've read LP's of it so I know most of what happens but UGH.

At least The Void is playable though I never got far in that without cheating either.

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Well not yet, wait until they release the christmas themed DLC pack