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Are we watching the same match? You do know that everytime he is being tackled, he is not necessarily diving?

No but the overwhelming majority of the time he was. Seriously, he was on the ground 16 times. No other player spends that much time on the floor. Dude could would the gold medal for diving in the Olympics.

you should stop being so salty just because rafa marquez was a gigantic moron

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I love the fact people are shitting on Robben when the biggest incident involving him was actually a foul. It's just Americans generally don't know the rules.

hey D: no need to bring Americans into this :(

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I have an idea for a drinking game. Drink every time Robben throws himself like an idiot. Don't actually do this, it will kill you.

I would like nothing more than to see Brazil step it up and send the Dutch home empty handed.

you are really really angry at the dutch, sheesh

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Too long.

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I was kind of hoping Tim Howard would jump down from the stands and get out on the field for Brazil.

There was nothing Cesar could have done to be honest for most of those goals tbf, the defenders were lazy and terrible all game.

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Well looking back Portugal didn't lose that badly with Germany... I guess Portugal's world cup performance was acceptable.

I kid, I kid it was rubbish!

To be fair, at least you had the excuse of playing with 10 men

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David Luiz is the most expensive defender in the world lol

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The German's wasn't even doing anything fancy, It was basic football (which they did well, efficient) and Brazil couldn't show them anything :(

to be fair to them though,, that kind of well-worked, efficient and unselfish football has been in quite short supply all tournament...

It's true though, it reminded me of playing FIFA or Pro Evo or something. You rarely see an international team get cut up so much from those kinds of through balls behind the defense.

Yeah, just tap X a few times in the box and hit circle. Man, kinda crazy some of those goals.

Way to bring it back to games, Guys ;)

The Defense of Brazil was Static at the best of times, may as well have played on easy mode.

Mind you, this world cup has had the best Goalkeepers i've seen.

Neuer is on fucking fire. That slip at the end was the only hint of a mistake this whole tournament. I'm still not seeing us win this thing. But a loss after a 7-1 would be heartbreaking.

that wasn't really any fault of his own, Schweinsteiger was still yelling at Ozil about missing the goal and it was a 1 on 1 situation basically

Neuer owns

also, I feel pretty good about our 1-0 loss to Germany right now

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That was...

that was a game

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Thiago Silva's loss was even worse. Dante's certainly good, if he wasn't Bayern wouldn't have him, but Thiago Silva is the captain and you can tell!