Prelim game of the year

used for me to remember the new games I played this year.

I haven't played many new games this year.

woo me

List items

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Trials was last year..!

Go Papers, Please!

Posted by Animasta

Trials was last year..!

Go Papers, Please!

the PC version came out this year.

look man I really don't want to put March of the Eagles on my list.

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Posted by wewantsthering

No Brothers or Bioshock?

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@wewantsthering: @brodehouse: I only bought 3 of them, the others were given or bought by steam money earned by trading cards (I do not have much or any disposable income)

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Oh man, forgot Zeno Clash II was this year. Putting that on my list, then!

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Animasta likes Zeno Clash II? Of course. ;P

Posted by wewantsthering

@animasta: Haha. Okay. I spend way to much money on video games... and food...