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An emotional Tale... 0

I Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days  to be surprisingly emotional for a video game. The game would probably be on my front runners for games as art, Why? because the tale to be told is in classical form, it's a tragedy. However, While the plot is golden, there are a few other areas that need polishing. One, repetitive Missions. You will constantly be asked to repeat the same Missions, as well as, a lack of variety in Playable areas. However, on the positive side The game Incredible graphics for the DS ,...

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A slight change in direction 0

"The wind waker" marks an offbeat entry in the Zelda Series, That's for the better. The childish and innocent art style makes the game's universe easy to fall in love with, and is a nice change from the dark and serious tones of it's predecessors. In addition to the art style the gameplay ls also freshened up with the addition of sailing, which really makes the player fell like an adventurer. However, the game is at it's best when the brilliant and unforgettable story unfolds before your eyes. t...

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A Truly Smashing Game 0

The multiplayer action of the Smash Bros. series has never been better and the single player is extremely enjoyable (due to a fun side-scrolling adventure mode and an addicting achievement mode). New features to the game include: The smash ball (break it and receive the ability to unleash a devastating final smash attack) which can completely change the tide of a battle, online play (in which one can battle players from around the globe), stage builder mode (which allows one to create his/her ow...

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