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I'm not convinced that Honda and Cammy are A tier just yet, I mean they're both obviously really good, but I feel that the A tier should be a bit smaller and the C tier should be bigger. Also I think Blanka, Ibuki, Juri, and Dudley should be lower. I haven't actually analyzed the matchup chart but overall this list seems pretty good.
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@Jack268 said:
" I love tier lists cause then I can blame them when I get my ass handed to me.  Anyway I find it riddicolous that people still follow tier lists around, Gamerbee sent a clear message at EVO saying that people can play any character at top level if they dedicate, and most people misunderstood it as "OMG ADON IS GOD TIER" "
Actually I think he was so successful because USA had no matchup knowledge against Adon, no top players play him here. Gamerbee's a great player, not taking anything away from him, but he won't have it as easy next time. People will learn the matchup. Same thing happened with Gen in vanilla, people got blown up by yeb and jibbo but over time they had to work a lot harder.
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If you want to learn the basics, I'd recommend Balrog or Ryu. 
If you just wanna find someone easy to win with at a low level, try Bison or Honda.

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try seth, he's a ton of fun honestly

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urien please 
also wouldn't mind yang or q

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Announcer is fine imo. Not as good as vanilla's but w/e.

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@Laticsfan said:
" The real answer is secret option 4, hammock that shit up bro! 

Now you have a bed, sofa and chair! Plus it's a fucking hammock!!11!!!1111!!!!one "
I second this.
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@Heartbreak said: 

@Plasma said: 

" Fucking Urien and his midscreen unblockable, really need to work on that matchup.  Nah I hate fighting Dhalsim and Blanka.  "
Urien DLC plz "
dude yes 
Most hated? As a rog player chun li and guile are really frustrating mismatches for me. Also I suck at and hate the fuerte and blanka matchups even though they're supposedly in my favor.    
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Hey guys I'm back from a 2 week trip to India. I leave for college soon so I'm still pretty busy, but I haven't played in a while and I'll be getting some games in soon. 
Also I don't know if any of you guys heard or even knew him, but Mandiggity (Mandar Verma) died. He was a good online friend of mine that I've played against countless times. I just checked my xbox live inbox and found out a few minutes ago. I'm really saddened by this.  
R.I.P. Mandiggity, may your Abel be free as always in heaven. 
here's a link in case you guys knew him

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@darkvare said:
" just add eachother on xbox live and play endless eventually you will organize tournaments and all that "
I've added a lot of people from here and I only play with a few of them regularly. Most of the time I play someone from here we play once and then they never accept my invites after that. People generally have their own circle of friends.