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I haven't played a baseball game since MLB 2K5 (which I probably wouldn't have purchased if 2K hadn't done that crazy $20 price), but I'm really interested in playing one again. Since I have a PS4 and a very small library, I was thinking about finally giving The Show a try. Do any series veterans have suggestions about how best to get into the game? Is there a particularly good or interesting mode that I should try?

Thanks ahead of time!

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What the hell was that first video?

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Glad to see that someone is finally putting Comipo to good use.

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I would jump at it, but I also own it on GOG.

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The boy that inspired the game passed away. As the father of a young child myself, I can't even imagine facing this.

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This was amazing. Great job and thanks for the primer!

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I like games for their art direction, not for how well they push the hardware. I thought Dark Souls looked amazing and I suspect Dark Souls II will look better.

Plus, have you seen the latest Vaati video with the torch sequence? I was stunned watching that.

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I spent very little of Dark Souls in human form because the PVP did not feel like it added much to my experience. I liked the co-op quite a bit, but PVP is very stressful for me. Especially when I feel like I'm the prey for someone just looking to ruin my game.

The fact that From Software is going out of their way to level the playing field means that I'm more eager to try PVP in Dark Souls II. As long as I'm getting a fair shot, I'm not going to unplug.

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Vinny going crazy with the non-Jeff casts has been a great treat.

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Looks good. I don't own last gen's version, but I'm curious about this one. If money was less tight, I might already own it.