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I can't be any more excited for more from GBEast.

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I really love when Jeff just writes. It's sooooooo good.

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My favorite part is that this statement went up at the same time as a certain announcement was made in Missouri. I sure it was a coincidence, but it sure got blown out of my twitter feed fast.

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That X-Wing article by Kat Bailey is the one time I would suggest reading the comments. BUT JUST THIS ONCE.

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@jackburtonme said:

@joshwent: Sorry, I guess my thought was if the primary consumers of Bayonetta are men, then regardless of the designer's intention, is Bayonetta still resulting in furthering the sexual objectification of women by men?

That is a great question and one I'm struggling with at the moment. I find myself uncomfortable with regard to Bayonetta, but I know that many do not. I'm trying to write about it, but my biggest takeaway seems to be that Bayonetta is a complex issue with many ways to view and respond to it. That may be my favorite thing about her as a character, really. Easy answers do not fit her.

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I hope we see something cool from her in the future. Best of luck, Jade!

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This makes me so happy. Thank you so much for doing this.

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I haven't played a baseball game since MLB 2K5 (which I probably wouldn't have purchased if 2K hadn't done that crazy $20 price), but I'm really interested in playing one again. Since I have a PS4 and a very small library, I was thinking about finally giving The Show a try. Do any series veterans have suggestions about how best to get into the game? Is there a particularly good or interesting mode that I should try?

Thanks ahead of time!

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What the hell was that first video?