I want to dance too.

This wasn't an issue when Kinect first made waves, since I thought it was kind of a waste of time, but now that Child of Eden and Kinect Fun Labs is out, I've been overcome with severe room envy. I have about three to four feet of space between my TV and my bed (primary gaming seat). I couldn't even use the Wii very well while standing. I had to fake bowling with a weird half-sitting, half-standing, footboard-straddling position that made me question the validity of swinging a remote around to simulate bowling. But I'm guessing/hoping the E3 2011 presentation somehow implied that even people with silly little living spaces can strut to "Like a G6" like everyone else. Did anyone see Ryan's background dancers during that demo?

If they can fit that many people in front of Kinect, can they fit one me in a four foot space?