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You know, I love creepy dolls. I mean I love creepy dolls. The hallmark of what makes creepy dolls creepy is the uncanny valley, or rather the gradual corruption of its intended design. A doll designed to be super cheerful might get a huge grin, but that huge grin can become so overbearing that it looks like a Glasgow smile -- that kind of thing. They look just skewed enough from their original intended design to seem terrifying.

Annabelle, however, is so obnoxiously and hilariously evil-looking that it's preposterous to think she existed as anything but a cheap Halloween prop. The original doll is plenty creepy enough just by virtue of it being old and made of yarn. For some reason, the artists adapted that into a tiny Chucky-like with gray skin and thought it looked like a doll that would actually exist...

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The Nemesis system only works because of the fantastical nature of this game though, at least if you keep the concept of "death", right? These Uruks can "come back" later because they're supposed to be a resilient species that can survive the horrendous injuries you inflict upon them, and you can do the same because you're a spooky scary ghost man.

The only way that would work outside of the fantastical is if the game simply doesn't allow you to kill enemies, or your nemeses are actually friends/relatives of enemies you've killed. Assassin's Creed could have enemies with genetic memories of their ancestor's dying by your (or your ancestor's) hand, but I imagine that would be too innovative for Ubisoft.

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My 3DS XL isn't even a year old and Nintendo expects me to buy another one? I'm not even sure I like the one I have now. Honestly, if the market for 3DS games shifts to favor this new model, I'd rather just sell my current XL and put the money towards something more stable.

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"But I have to say that the element of chance is not an issue if you solve the puzzle. Players who "solve" every situation are able to succeed again and again since if you discover the patterns which rule every chapter."

Is he implying that there's a pattern or rule to the infamous Russian Roulette sequence that makes it consistently beatable? If so, he probably could have just told people what it was and avoided this whole thing, no?

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Is this the same thing that was teased during the press conference with the really bad "here are some clips of totally real people actually honest-to-god scared"? Because that didn't really paint a good picture for me... When I think "Silent Hill", I don't think "scare cam" and "jump spooks".

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 3: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Vicious Evil Nymphos of Tartarus HD with Matching Service

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No one's mentioned Indigo Prophecy yet? I would have assumed that would be the go-to answer. Fastest spiraling out of control in any game I know of.

Yep, first thing that came to mind. That game really lost me towards the end. I kept thinking back to the brilliant opening, then wondering how it became so ridiculous =|

No, the game didn't make me dislike it due to the end, though I agree it went awkwardly. Not only for it being a bit too crazy, but also abrupt with character relationships and what have you.

Just a bit.

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Bioshock Infinite spoilers incoming:





The end of Bioshock Infinite was just complete garbage to me. The asylum level with the patients in George Washington masks took most of the fun out of the combat in favor of a shitty attempt at aping Silent Hill. The "boss fight" with Songbird was a poorly controlled tower defense game, and then the only thing that kept me going, Elizabeth, became a boring, emotionless deus ex machine/exposition engine for absolutely no reason.

She goes from being your companion exploring the story with you to "Okay, asshole, let me spend the next hour answering all the questions the audience never asked and be as monotonous as I possibly can whilst doing so." I almost thought she made a last-minute heel-turn before realizing it was just poor, poor writing.

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If I feel like I absolutely have to be filled in, I'll just watch a Let's Play of the previous game(s), or just wiki the important stuff. I fully enjoyed Assassin's Creed II without ever touching the first game.

There are franchises where I feel kind of stuck though. I've been wanting to go through the Shadow Hearts series for a long time. I hunted down each game new and started with the first one, but it's so archaic in design that I just couldn't get through it, and there're no good LPs for it either. In those cases, I just have to skip on and hope for the best.