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MGSV supposed has well over an hour of main story cutscenes over MGS4. Not sure how people are feeling otherwise. I agree that MGSV doesn't feel like a suitable ending to the Metal Gear legacy, but I knew this was going to be the case when Ground Zeroes decided to make a sudden shift from campy B-movie sci-fi spy nonsense to super serious cringe-worthy grittiness.

It becomes obvious why David Hayter couldn't voice this Snake. The incongruent nature would have been even more striking. On top of that, Kojima continues to try and retcon/reexplain/deconstruct/demystify things that would have left a nice bit of flare on the whole series if he'd left them alone. The final reveal being probably the most disappointing to me, making me feel like all of my actions in the game are pretty much pointless.

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Devil Maker Tokyo on Android currently. Also Senran Kagura on the Vita.

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There were multiple problems with setting up and running TNT. They always ran into problems setting matches up and had a bunch of downtime between them. They always lost track of how had already gotten into some matches and ended up having the same players throughout the show. It mostly boiled down to them playing whatever the newest multiplayer game (usually an FPS) was at the time, which seemed like they were endorsing them. Then add all of the problems the crew seems to have when they try to get consoles online in the new office. I can easily see why they haven't brought TNT back.

For the most part, it seems like an inefficient use of their time as well. There're plenty of segments in UPF that the community can and does get involved with, and there're more chances to show off more games in UPF and Quick Look Live (compared to spending 2 hours on a single game that may or may not be worth that much time showing off).

I do think they should do more of the specialty shows though, like Load Our Last Save and Breaking Brad. Anything that could result in something like "Backflips in Bioforge" should stick around.

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Found a few things that kind of bugged me in the plot so far. Some of them just seem like glaring plot-holes, but others feel like they might be intentionally shady and might because plot points later on (HUGE spoilers of course):

1. There's no way Chloe could have known Max was the person who pulled the alarm from that butterfly photo. Yes, Max told her it was a photo she took that day, and Chloe recognized it as a photo of the women's restroom, but there was nothing in the photo to indicate what time of day it was. Chloe and Nathan's rendezvous in the bathroom took less than 5 minutes. Couldn't Max's photo been taken at any time before then?

2. Nathan drugged Chloe over 6 months ago, but Chloe is either only now threatening to blackmail him for it, or she's been threatening him repeatedly this entire time. Either way, that's super weird for a variety of reasons. If this is the first time she's tried blackmailing him, what was she doing all this time? Wouldn't the threat become meaningless after all this time?

3 (2.b?). Chloe's master plan was to blackmail Nathan, but she herself says no one believes Nathan can do any wrong. When Max says they should go to the police, Chloe says that won't believe them. When Max goes to the principal earlier, he refuses to believe her (if you choose to tell him). If no one believes Nathan can be guilty of anything (which is really weird in and of itself), then how was Chloe going to blackmail him? Why would Nathan think he can be blackmailed and thus freak aaaall the way out like he does?

4 (3?). David Madsen's very existence is bizarre and baffling in this story. It's unlikely that he could get hired at Blackwell. Even the principal thinks he harasses children (and witnessed him doing so), and the teachers think he's invading everyone's privacy. Even if he played it cool during his job interview, wouldn't he have been fired by now? Similarly, after exploring Chloe's house and watching their interactions, there seems to be more than enough evidence for Max and Chloe to not only get David fired from Blackwell, but also get him arrested for assault. He's a villain, everyone knows he's a villain, everyone has the power to get rid of this villain, but they just haven't for some unknown reason. This really feels like plot armor somehow. Like David has some trait that makes me seem like an untouchable authority figure in the eyes of everyone around him. Maybe the town knows him as a war hero, so just lets him get away with being an outrageous asshole?

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It seems to me that the form of Early Access release that Darkest Dungeon is using is pretty much identical to the way AAA games have been releasing for years. The game is near complete with the exception of a few bugs. It has 3 kind of expansive locations to explore with a variety of missions, enemies, and bosses. All of the presentation is there, from cutscenes, to voice acting, and there're 10 classes to use in your party of 4.

The only exception is you pay a flat price of $20 and that's basically it. The upcoming content is considered part of the full game that hasn't been implemented yet instead of "DLC". That reminds me a lot of the From Ashes DLC from Mass Effect 3 that really felt like it was part of the main game but just... not included.

In fact, the way Darkest Dungeon is going feels pretty much exactly like what AAA publishers have been doing for years, without all of the money gouging. Darkest Dungeon could have easily been released as a completed game and then charged more money for all of the upcoming content instead of bundling it all into the Early Access moniker, which feels like the first time I've seen Early Access put to good use.

It may seem unfair to developers of these AAA games, especially something like Evolve, but this has put things in an interesting perspective for me.

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Welcome to the 90s.

Man, machine, the fusion.

Welcome to the 90s.

Light years ahead of evolution.

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For what it's worth, the thing you feel spoiled by is something Atlus has been pushed through marketing much of its spinoff game. To that end, you could chock the information up to "official spoilerage" similar to a bad movie trailer. Unfortunately, your keen instincts and/or obsession with noticing that character's every move will certainly hurt the experience, if you let it.

I'll put it this way though, regardless of whether your suspicions are correct or not, that character and anything revealed about them isn't even the tip of the iceberg for how P4's story unfolds, and that was if you were just playing vanilla P4. Golden's expanded story adds even more layers to the mystery.

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So I have to say, I haven't seen a single thing from this game, trailer, teaser, preview build footage or otherwise. When I read the Australian ratings board's description of the scene, it actually made me kind of sick to my stomach, which is extremely rare for me. I just immediately visualized the scene they were describing, just as they were describing it, and I didn't like it one bit.

Then I read the publisher's response and went ahead with watching the opening scene with the "sexual violence filter" off.

The ratings board completely misrepresented that scene to an almost hilarious degree. They didn't explain the context or the framing of the scene at all and blatantly implied that the player would be forced to make the player character rape a female enemy, which is absolutely not the case. They basically describe things that aren't in anyway present in the scene

"He is viewed pinning the female down by the arms and lying on top of her thrusting, implicitly raping her (either rear entry or anally) while her legs are viewed kicking as she struggles beneath him."

Much of that statement exists entirely in the writer's head. I can't even imagine any way for the graphics to be able to depict much of it without becoming a completely different game ("...rear entry or anally"? How would you know and how would that be relevant?).

I only stress this (admittedly long) point because of the comments I've seen taking the ratings board's description at face value, as it really does a great disservice to the developer.

Also copious copious copiouscopiouscopious.

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Anyone else get the feeling that Ubisoft is saving up the "cool" locations and concepts for a reboot coming in the next 5 years or something? It feels like they've been teasing stuff like ninjas, Asian settings, precursor protagonists (and a full precusor story instead of these bits and pieces), and a modern setting for years now, but each game only seems to inch forward at a snails pace, and this is an annual series.

It really feels like the only reason none of this stuff has made it into an AssCreed by now is because Ubisoft knows their series is going to hit a wall in the new few years and that's when they say "All right guys, we really dug deep on this one: 'Sengoku era Japan, ninjas, female protagonist who is also a sage with precursor genes (of a nine-tailed demon fox)'."

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@patrickklepek: I get the feeling that you're overestimating the power of Sony and Microsoft's QA. While the problems with AssCreedUnity are egregious, they don't seem to be as widespread as people believe. The game still has plenty of high review scores and I know plenty of people who've played it from start to finish without running into any of the problems (or perhaps they didn't notice them). The certification staff at Sony and Microsoft are likewise human, and it's a bit unfair to attribute their certification of ACU as, for lack of a better term, shenanigans.

I'm more interested in what actions you would like Sony and Microsoft to take in these situations. "Don't let buggy games ship" is unreasonable. It's borderline impossible to prove that these companies discovered all of these bugs and then decided to let the game ship anyway (Follow the Money). At what point does it cross the line between human error and malicious intent? If you want Sony and Microsoft to offer some kind of compensation, like a refund or something, I feel like retailers have that covered and optimized already. Most retailers nowadays will easily give you a refund if you tell them the game is broken -- even Steam and Amazon.

So yes, while I agree that Sony and Microsoft should have something constructive to do and say during these scenarios, I'm not sure what that thing could be. I'm not sure there's anything they could actually do, unless they really did allow ACU to ship knowing it was a buggy mess, in which case they should stop doing that.