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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 3: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Vicious Evil Nymphos of Tartarus HD with Matching Service

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No one's mentioned Indigo Prophecy yet? I would have assumed that would be the go-to answer. Fastest spiraling out of control in any game I know of.

Yep, first thing that came to mind. That game really lost me towards the end. I kept thinking back to the brilliant opening, then wondering how it became so ridiculous =|

No, the game didn't make me dislike it due to the end, though I agree it went awkwardly. Not only for it being a bit too crazy, but also abrupt with character relationships and what have you.

Just a bit.

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Bioshock Infinite spoilers incoming:





The end of Bioshock Infinite was just complete garbage to me. The asylum level with the patients in George Washington masks took most of the fun out of the combat in favor of a shitty attempt at aping Silent Hill. The "boss fight" with Songbird was a poorly controlled tower defense game, and then the only thing that kept me going, Elizabeth, became a boring, emotionless deus ex machine/exposition engine for absolutely no reason.

She goes from being your companion exploring the story with you to "Okay, asshole, let me spend the next hour answering all the questions the audience never asked and be as monotonous as I possibly can whilst doing so." I almost thought she made a last-minute heel-turn before realizing it was just poor, poor writing.

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If I feel like I absolutely have to be filled in, I'll just watch a Let's Play of the previous game(s), or just wiki the important stuff. I fully enjoyed Assassin's Creed II without ever touching the first game.

There are franchises where I feel kind of stuck though. I've been wanting to go through the Shadow Hearts series for a long time. I hunted down each game new and started with the first one, but it's so archaic in design that I just couldn't get through it, and there're no good LPs for it either. In those cases, I just have to skip on and hope for the best.

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I've also learned through the years that saying "The GB crew needs to X" is the kiss of death.

Some of the best QLs have been requests, including the recent Barbie game, so I'm not really seeing the parable here. Regardless, I never said "The GB crew needs" to do anything. I'm just saying this game looks like good QL material. I'm not going to pressure anyone into paying $30 for this just to produce a funny video.

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Can we get a Quick Look of this game? No one's reporting on it, no one's reviewing it. It's like the industry is trying their hardest to pretend it doesn't exist, which makes me think it's a prime target for a Quick Look.

Everything I've seen about it looks ridiculous, and even the backstory of how it got released in the West is kind of shady. They made it eshop only in America specifically to make sure the only people who would know it exists are people who followed the franchise in Japan.

After Jeff's tasteful critique of Project Diva, I think this deserves a shot.

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I'm surprised by how pessimistic everyone is in light of everything Giant Bomb has been through to get to where it is today. People don't just give up whatever life they were living when stricken with grief. It's hard to move forward, but time (more often than not) heals these wounds. For some of us, this site was just a great site about video games, but I'm fairly sure it was a lot more to the duders manning the helm. I don't think they're in a situation where they can or will just stop being Giant Bomb.

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Boo fucking hoo. Are you kidding me with this drivel? Bullying, the silent enemy. Holy balls people need to get a grip in this day and age. Guess what, everyone was bullied growing up, back in the day it is what made people stronger.

You know why bullying is such a big deal now? Because people making it a big deal have made those who get bullied feel like it is the end of the world, they feel like the only resort they have is to end their life.

Man up World, or we are all going down the crapper.

And here I was thinking it became such a big deal when kids started killing themselves. But you're right, it's much more entertaining if you ignore all the dead kids and focus on the living ones, and then call them all pansies. Less depressing too. Unless you're saying school is a "Survival of the Fittest" situation and some kids have to kill themselves to make room for the stronger, less socially attached ones. But at that point, why not just make everyone happy, herd the students into an island arena and reenact Battle Royale (for the youngsters in the crowd: that's like Hunger Games, only old and Japanese... you pansies).

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Just realized something weird that maybe someone can explain to me (also sorry if this is common knowledge): Two things about my game seem to be different from other playthroughs I've seen. One is that in videos I've seen, when Elizabeth wanders off and starts dancing on the pier, the other dancers are all wearing bathing suits, which makes since seeing as they're on a beach and all. When I played, though, all of the dancers were wearing full clothing, just like the NPCs inside the buildings.

A more glaring change is that I had no idea what this "post credits" scene everyone talked about was. Because my game didn't give it too me. I even replayed the end and it still didn't happen. That seems super weird because in the videos I've seen of it, it looks interactive. You control Booker and open the door to Anna's room. That entire segment didn't occur for me. The credits went directly to the main menu, meaning the last visual I had of my playthrough of Bioshock Infinite was Elizabeth blinking out to a black screen followed by credits, while everyone else had this cool Inception-esque moment. I don't know how I should feel about that.

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Btw, I don't know if anyone remembers it, but there's an actual map of the universes explored in the game on a chalkboard in the lab near the end where you rescue Liz the last time. I couldn't read the textures myself, but it had a few paragraphs of summary along with a branching timeline. Anyone have a good image or transcription of it?

Wait, you don't mean this do you? This is all I can think of, but it doesn't really seem legible...

Yeah, this is the board I was talking about. I'm hoping that's actually handwritten text and not scribbles and doodles made for presentation. Either way, I can't make out anything on it and I couldn't while I was playing the game either, even with full resolution and "Ultra" settings. I'd like to think that with all of the other clever details in the game, this would actually be a legit clue as well.

I think that the background scrawl is irrelevant, it's repeated on multiple boards throughout the game and seems to be made of a patchwork of diagrams, formulas and lists of names and events. You can see that the (I think) german phrase is repeated at least once in that very image and it's just a copypaste job.

Well that's disappointing. I was really hoping it would mean something more.