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#1 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

i like this game so far, but the one thing missing seems to be that you can't view friends lap times?
or am i too dumb to find them?
help would be appreciated :D

#2 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

 got one sent, but doesn't work (not EU maybe?)
still need a working key for EU servers please :) thanks a lot!

#3 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

if anyone got a spare one for the EU servers, would be much appreciated

#4 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

20+ minute progrock songs like IQ - Harvest of Souls :D

#5 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

yeah that's what i meant. gold and special edition.

#6 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

images 4 5 6 are attached to UO, although in reality they are only attached to wizardry 8.
they don't show up on the UO images if you browse by gallery, but they show up if you look at all UO images.
#7 Edited by ankyon (44 posts) -

gaaah, still not working.

dude, JEFF, i need POINTS. 
#8 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

now i just get the "500, style me dave!!!" page when i click on the submitted images queue ;(

#9 Edited by ankyon (44 posts) -

Defeating the original Shinobi arcade machine with 1 coin. ;D

#10 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

Yesterday the last image i added is still pending and unter the "Pending" there is just "None" instead of the time i submitted the image. All images i submitted since then do not show up in the submission queue.

How come?
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