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oh yeah...well the truth is DS2 was not designed with PvP in mind at all. PvP is utter crap in this game compared to the previous one. J blackmel and other very high end PvP uploaders are just not playing the game at all for a myriad of reasons amongst which you find:

1) stupid stun locks that seem to be encouraged by the bad design of the game (why nerfing so badly the poise system it was so good even with the abuse of havel noobs compared to this stunlock fest)

2) complete imbalance in scaling making physical damage fairly useless

3) clumsy controls, slow response time and lags that are not any better than in the p2p protocol that we had in DS1...

the design of the game forces players into stremalined magic buff builds with fast hitting weapons to be efficient. they will not fix it. it is just a bad direction choice.

PvE is quite fun though for a while.

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@afabs515 said:

Putting points into any stat has diminishing returns after 20 points.

That's definitely the soft cap for stats, but it's not the whole story.. From 20 points to +/-50 points invested in any stat, you're going to get diminished returns, but not diminishing. Truly continual diminishing returns begin after the 50-point mark. Which is just an insane point investment into any single stat anyway.

Depending on your style of play, @nocall, you're going to want at least one of your stats to be invested in beyond 20 points. If you're melee-based, that probably means STR or DEX (or both?) and VIG.

true in both cases.

corollary: early on the game makes it very clear that any elemental infusion is considerably better than pure physical scaling even if you put no points into int or faith (elemental damages scale on those) and this remains true for most weapons that do not scale A or S on a physical attribute. Double C/C scaling used to be good in DS (40/40 with a claymore or a longsword, we all know what it is worth right) but not anymore ==> plan stat investment and weapon upgrade accordingly.

other tip: agility's sweet spot for iframes is between 95 and 99 really. Below less iframes, above more but not significantly more. Agility scales on Adaptability and to a lesser extend attunement. 20 adaptability gets you to 95 agility without attunment

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at the start of Iron is fairly well hidden though, you will have to look for it actively to find it

hint: it implies to jump a few times

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Fossa Ferox, my latest creation...totally pitch black skin...check

the thing is you still have a patch on the nose that is still not black whatever you do...I decided to mask it with a tatoo ^^

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@chicoco said:

I just made this mage. She won't look like this for long.

man your toon is really great. You did some awesome job with her, I am impressed how real she looks

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my experience with FFXIV on PS4:

waited ages to download the huge thing.

struggled a while with countless 2 steps activations to get in

spend 20 min customizing the astrological sign of my character and the hues of the hair (character look stunning in respect to asian MMO design standards)

got in just to witness unvoiced boring and awfully generic introductory scenes with weird flying cats and some stuff that hardly makes any sense for a start ("think....breath...feel..." really?)

when at last I have control of my character, the axis is not inverted....look for the option to invert axis...get lost in ridiculously dense option screen...sigh...erase game from PS4.

verdict: not for me thanks

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Anyway I want to raise this question again for people who participated in the beta (or have knowledge otherwise): Can you summon while hollow? I would guess you can summon blues at least.

during the beta, you could not see the soapstone signs when hollow, meaning you could not summon actively other players to your least for the white signs. That does not mean that you cannot see the red soap stones (I did not have the occasion to check) nor that you cannot be invaded and if you are taking part in the way of the blue, suppose that the blue phantom invade your world to "protect" you, that is to have a good fight with a red phantom (the truth being they are not totally here for your protection but just for the fight against the red really)

because as golguin accurately says:

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Everything about this game so far is turning me off.

yep, same here...-_-'

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So, new idea. Permadeath for invaders. I would rather that any character that invades is automatically flagged like a 'hardcore' character in Diablo, so any future death results in character deletion.

@announakis:I would totally support invaders not having access to over 50% of the PvE experience.

I am not even sure whether I should laugh or cry now.

@drxlecter mate, I understand that you do not like having your painfully slow and clumsy progression spoiled by an invader (nobody does), but you seriously have to stop making arguments so disproportionate against PvP in general.