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Lady Mondegreen, my elven mage

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@asurastrike: Mate, I do agree with most of your analysis...I actually really loved both previous games....yes, I loved DA:2 also guys...I know, flail me for this...but once you overlook the terrible recycling of the maps, this was a great game. WHY DID THEY GET RID OF TACTICS? I loved tactical slots....the level of customization of the tactical slots in DA:2 got me into playing it on Hard and then on companions AI were so fine tuned I hardly ever had to micromanage anything in a fight and could play my character in action mode pretty much through and through. they should have made them optional instead of just killing the customization of AI. I started playing DA:I on hard with friendly utterly pointless! The 5 pathetic remnants of tactical slots for your AI makes it essential to micromanage everything...such a chore! In a few hours I learned to loathe the tactical camera. I played melee....the terrible targeting system made sure I shifted to mage....the MMO-like grinding for iron, 30 different flowers, 40 diffrent hides and leather types...hhhheark....I cannot see myself do this for 70 more hours.

the game is gorgeous and the lore and geopolitical system of Thedas makes up for those terrible steps backwards for the franchise....they dumbed down the whole to address the complaints of the largest number....once more, the dumb majority wins...instead of giving players the possibility to play the way they like, they just got rid of the programmable AI interface all together....what an obnoxious move on BIOWARE's part! this was what made the franchise unique to me. It seems to me like they tried very hard to please as many MMO players as possible to build the largest cash source as possible...Sad because there are so many good aspects to the game, inclusing how gorgeous the world looks....but I sure as hell will not play a second toime on hard / nightmare this one. the fighting I used to enjoy has become a sluggish chore of micromanagement...hell you can't even queue 2 orders !...*sigh*

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oh yeah...well the truth is DS2 was not designed with PvP in mind at all. PvP is utter crap in this game compared to the previous one. J blackmel and other very high end PvP uploaders are just not playing the game at all for a myriad of reasons amongst which you find:

1) stupid stun locks that seem to be encouraged by the bad design of the game (why nerfing so badly the poise system it was so good even with the abuse of havel noobs compared to this stunlock fest)

2) complete imbalance in scaling making physical damage fairly useless

3) clumsy controls, slow response time and lags that are not any better than in the p2p protocol that we had in DS1...

the design of the game forces players into stremalined magic buff builds with fast hitting weapons to be efficient. they will not fix it. it is just a bad direction choice.

PvE is quite fun though for a while.

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@afabs515 said:

Putting points into any stat has diminishing returns after 20 points.

That's definitely the soft cap for stats, but it's not the whole story.. From 20 points to +/-50 points invested in any stat, you're going to get diminished returns, but not diminishing. Truly continual diminishing returns begin after the 50-point mark. Which is just an insane point investment into any single stat anyway.

Depending on your style of play, @nocall, you're going to want at least one of your stats to be invested in beyond 20 points. If you're melee-based, that probably means STR or DEX (or both?) and VIG.

true in both cases.

corollary: early on the game makes it very clear that any elemental infusion is considerably better than pure physical scaling even if you put no points into int or faith (elemental damages scale on those) and this remains true for most weapons that do not scale A or S on a physical attribute. Double C/C scaling used to be good in DS (40/40 with a claymore or a longsword, we all know what it is worth right) but not anymore ==> plan stat investment and weapon upgrade accordingly.

other tip: agility's sweet spot for iframes is between 95 and 99 really. Below less iframes, above more but not significantly more. Agility scales on Adaptability and to a lesser extend attunement. 20 adaptability gets you to 95 agility without attunment