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a few valid points in a terribly bitter and biased package. Sad.

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So I'm a fairs way into Inquisition and have visited a selection of areas, but I really don't know what to make of the game. . Am I missing something?

I have been struggling getting infatuated with this game for a while because I did miss the tactical slots and many things seemed clunky, not enjoyable...but once I started playing with cross class combos in mind all the time, I started having a ball (as well as destroying everything on normal and therefore need to bump to hard I reckon).

one thing is also what class you play as your main: I tried everything and only dual dagger seem to justify being focus on the main character. If you let the AI spam skills you will go through the game mostly easily if you geared up your crew properly, but you are missing the whole fun of the game, that is setting shatter, ruptures and nightmares on the mobs ^_-

I really wouldn't put this thing down until after you complete the quest "In Your Heart Shall Burn". The game really picks up afterwards, and the locations get more varied and interesting. If you are blowing through Normal, I'd suggest trying out Nightmare. It's a decent challenge, though not ridiculous. Bump it down to Hard if you think it's too much to handle.

A lot of the complaints from people regarding the difficulty seems to be coming from the perspective of playing on Normal. Honestly, if you play a decent amount of games, no triple-A title is going to be a challenge for you on Normal. Hard is the new Normal if you play games as much as most people on this site. The result of making games accessible to more people and bringing in new and different players, is tuning down the default difficulty on pretty much all games. As such, I've been playing every game past 2009 one difficulty higher than the default, and I'd highly recommend doing the same.

totally true

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Hi all.

I was a big big fan of tactical slots and all programmable AI in the previous titles...It was quite the shock to realize they had been dumbed down to the ground in DA3 but I got over it eventually. I am trying to play much more dynamically and to ressort to the terrible tactical camera as rarely as possible (just to set cross-class combos basically) and this game is still alot of fun.

I set all my companions on 80% stamina / mana reserve so I can actually use them when I need to obviously (I guess we all realized that below 80% they are always short to use any useful abilities like static cage, winter chill, knockout powder you disable those useful skills that you wanna use obviously and they suddenly become accessible when you need them. OK check.

all seems to work OK with a few hickups when it comes down to hit boxes of "lunge and slash" or "shield bash" skills for example or the horrendously long delay of mighty blow before long that you are better off triggering mighty blow before freezing your target...but the worse is by far "Bull charge".

"where the hell is my freaking Blackwall headed again ? oh I see, he is charging in the wrong direction again....come back you retard!"

did that happen to you ? It happens to me all the time! unless I set the course of the charge myself, Bull charge is always badly used by the AI. it misses almost everytime. Somehow bull charge seems to be triggered in directions where there is nobody very often too...-_-'

I sometimes switch to my Bull charging warrior just to find him lost climbing up some cliff 30 meters away from the fight in a direction where there was no ennemies ever...sad because this skill is great to bbuild guard and shut down foes to gain some time...but really it must be completely micromanaged to be sustainable....

too much micromanagement in this game really....where arre my sweet 20 tactical slots with conditions and loops?

-_-' *sigh*

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Lady Mondegreen, my elven mage

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@asurastrike: Mate, I do agree with most of your analysis...I actually really loved both previous games....yes, I loved DA:2 also guys...I know, flail me for this...but once you overlook the terrible recycling of the maps, this was a great game. WHY DID THEY GET RID OF TACTICS? I loved tactical slots....the level of customization of the tactical slots in DA:2 got me into playing it on Hard and then on companions AI were so fine tuned I hardly ever had to micromanage anything in a fight and could play my character in action mode pretty much through and through. they should have made them optional instead of just killing the customization of AI. I started playing DA:I on hard with friendly utterly pointless! The 5 pathetic remnants of tactical slots for your AI makes it essential to micromanage everything...such a chore! In a few hours I learned to loathe the tactical camera. I played melee....the terrible targeting system made sure I shifted to mage....the MMO-like grinding for iron, 30 different flowers, 40 diffrent hides and leather types...hhhheark....I cannot see myself do this for 70 more hours.

the game is gorgeous and the lore and geopolitical system of Thedas makes up for those terrible steps backwards for the franchise....they dumbed down the whole to address the complaints of the largest number....once more, the dumb majority wins...instead of giving players the possibility to play the way they like, they just got rid of the programmable AI interface all together....what an obnoxious move on BIOWARE's part! this was what made the franchise unique to me. It seems to me like they tried very hard to please as many MMO players as possible to build the largest cash source as possible...Sad because there are so many good aspects to the game, inclusing how gorgeous the world looks....but I sure as hell will not play a second toime on hard / nightmare this one. the fighting I used to enjoy has become a sluggish chore of micromanagement...hell you can't even queue 2 orders !...*sigh*