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@thomasnash said:

That's a pretty good rendition of Ciri! I dunno if that's what you were going for, but it is.

no not really (I guess you refer to a witcher 3 character right? I haven't played it)

Since I read the Dark Moon Chronicles, I loved the character of Feydreiva


since then, I have always had some fascination for scars across the eye...not original I know, but classic for a reason...It is badass! I thought I would use the possibility to make eyes from different colors in BB to accentuate this scar asymmetry and also add some Kakashi (Naruto) flavor?...

I just checked the web for Ciri...OK, that is quite the same indeed lol

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2762759-bloodborne™_20150629231020 (1).jpg

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My 2 elf inquisitors: Tempest Rogue Ellana and Knight Enchanter Mahanon (default names, you know, cus elves). I really can't make a good looking human, elves are way prettier. took me an hour each and this is how they turned out. I think I did good :D

they are siblings or ?

your male elf looks real cool well done!

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@random45 said:

The game's combat isn't as bad as people make it out to be, but it's not very good either. It takes a while to really build up a good arsenal of spells and abilities, so it gets pretty damn repetitive in the beginning. Someone mentioned that positioning actually factors into it, unlike the second game, and that's true. You no longer have to worry about enemies just spawning out of the blue behind you MOST of the time. There were a few strange instances when I was out in the world, and as I was fighting, enemies would just spawn in right there. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen, but it does.

I largely agree to this except placement was totally important in DA2 also, at least in nightmare it was fraking in this one you have more of a vertical positioning parameter but not as much as one would wish.

I general, this game is good once you play on harder difficulties because then you need to think a bit strategically and optimize your party / equipment. On normal, you just have to hold down R2...the game is liteerally on autpilot, it is ridiculous. On hard, you can be surprised. On nightmare, you have to plan and it is fun (although enemies soak tons of damage before going down and for the 10 first level it is rather tedious sometimes). the tactical camera being what it is (i.e. utter shit) you basically have to build your party for active play, not paused. Once you start doing this, you will realize that the AI is actually pretty decent at handling the cross class combos and can pull them out depending on you AI settings:

no tactical slots totally suck. But all you really must do in this last opus of the serie is disabling the key skills you must control (dispel for example...detonators in general) set the few prefered ones and enable the rest. make sure you limit the amount of stamina one character can use to get enough fuel for manually aiming the disabled skills when you need them, craft your gear and suddenly the combat is actually pretty fun! pausing and manually doing everything is just not how it should be played at all.

bottom line is they did try something in between DAO and DA2 and screwed it up...this is actually much closer to DA2 with badly integrated core mechanics from DAO unfortunately. But then again I loved DA2 and played the hell out of it on I actually love this one too (although I did not before I understood what I just rambled about)

hope this helps

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I reckon how you play depend a lot on what you play:

I started playing this game felling I had to use a lot of the tactical view (I played on hard to get used to it before starting playing seriously on nightmare only) to make sure to use the cross class combos.

the tactical camera was so flawed that I felt a bit desperate that they took away of the optimized tactical slots that I loved so much from the previous games, allowing me to play in nightmare mode in DA2 without using the tactical view almost ever.

but then I realized that the AI in DA:inquisition is actually decent and that all you need to do is disabling a few key skills that you really want to micromanage (dispel for example) and set them on follow themselves or the right toon. Once you got this done, you hardly ever have to use this retarded tactical camera and they manage to actually exploit the conditions created by others to detonate and combo most of the time if you equipped the right skills.

Now depending on what you play, it is a lot of fun this way: I play 2 handed warrior on my nightmare playthrough and I have a ball playing live because there is so much skills to control the combat: you stun, knock down, knock back, parry, dodge, pull to you, charge back....the main aggro is taken by Blackwall, Vivienne come on top of this to detroy barriers and guard and AoE spamming her spirit blade around the tank...I shut down most annoying targets and Varric DPS from afar....this works great because they do not need macromanagement so I can play my reaver and her insanely short cool dwns to control the battlefield.

playing a mage like this was plain boring, especially once I got to be a X,X,X,X,X for you spirit blade or for other specializations or pre specialization, just keep R2 down pew pew pew until at last some spell is back from cool down....pffff

playing archer was sort of fun but long cool downs were holding back the fun, having to pew pew on the flanks of the enemy...pfff....

dual dagger rogues....are my next playthrough I guess.

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during the the "in your heart shall burn mission" I had an interesting glitch:

as the final boss spawned, I ran back to the village to avoid open ground (I play in nightmare)...In the process of disengaging, my Solas big deal...I continued running in stealth with the rogue until I lost the aggro...then everyone came back to life except Solas....although he was up and running, behaving, fighting thereafter etc....but still dead according to his icon and I could not take control of him.... I beat the boss, finish the mission....and the game crashed. I had to do most of it again (except this time better ^_-)

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Nvm figured it out. You have to manually upload your saves if your PS4 isn't activated as your primary. Mods can lock this.

well yes...but once your device is activated as primary, you also have to check the "stay connected to the internet" option in order for the automatic upload to take place....just so you know....I recently changed my PS4 (faulty disc eject problem) and this detail cost me my saves in the transfer...

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lunedefielle, my 2-handed warrior for nightmare run.


and the result in engine (very often totally different, here just tolerable)


at last a toon I like...I really liked the look of my archer but I unfortunately lost the save when I changed my PS4 (I had this eject disc problem, lucky me!)

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@irish87 said:

My favorite class in the Dragon Age universe was Arcane Warrior from DA:O. When I heard that they didn't include it in Inquisition I was so incredibly disappointed. Alas, I prefer mages so I picked it and bam, KNIGHT ENCHANTER!

...except, not really. No heavy armor, no fancy spells, no unique qualities. Just a melee mage. It feels so empty. I eventually finished the game with him and found that I didn't need to use any strategy. All I ever did was mash X and by the end I just wanted it all to end. And with that said, I am so incredibly thankful BioWare made Vivienne a KE. Thanks to her, my warrior and rogue characters can take down dragons with very little effort. Then again, that is strangely depressing. Whenever I find myself putting her in my party, I immediately know its so the rest of my party can die and she can go all magic-sword on them.

I wish they would have made it a little more tank-ish and require a bit more effort on the players part, but truthfully the whole mage class feels very thin and empty. The spells are so boring. Truthfully, only necro seemed to have some character. Still, KE is fun and doesn't require much thought.

I so agree with this.