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which race cant drive more? asian or haspanic?

when it comes to "x race cant drive thread" on the internet, i always hear it about asian cant drive. why no other race? why only asian? just because the chinese is popular. i honestly think mexican drive worse than asian if asian were to be lable as cant drive.... mexican is worse. whole load of time i see mexican and their very tall trucks/suv driving stepping all over the lines and no signal and recently encounter two witin 1 trip. tall truck stepping on lines being on two lanes for like 9 seconds.... i was very careful and stay distance.... he finally change lane and without even signaling! then 2min later another one with tall suv this time..... i was on other lane and he was on another. he drive exactly like other guy from earlier.... stepping lanes..... and i happend to be close to him he stepping on my lane.... then move back the step again like he trying to change to my lane but no fucking signal! i was a bit scared and i was like what the????? i beep beep....... then i quickly push up to pass him when it is safe. he beep beep back. how the shizzy he beep back? its like he trying to say he aint wrong! mannn i was like..... mannn......... no wonder i see alot of people get out of the car and fight over traffic matters.

long time ago i was at parking lot driving out to the exit. suddenly mexican driver out of no where cut right at me like it aint nothing! this is not racist stuff. so keep racism out. itll be funny if someone call it racist in this thread. in "asian cant drive threads" no single person ever say racist.

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fockinator is like a j-walk. most cops would ignore since it is too very tiny stuff. but it is still ilegal. since you had a fight before they ban you, your fight partner musta report you for bad name. and they must take action since it is technically bad but just covered with spellings.

atleast you dont get 22 hour ban from making threads by some monkey because of talking about boogers and pizza.

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i just tried this gamemine aka a gamefly wannabe. first off a very quick question: when i send the game back, can i just hand it to the local mailman that comes to my house? or i must drop it straighht at the post office? and if so via post office, do i have to wait in line to hand it to the clerk behind the counter? or i can find a drop-hole within the office and drop it in and go? i tried gamefly before but i had someone to return it at the office since their work is near the office.

now for the review im so glad i didnt waste a dime on gamemine! all the crap they have is very low to medium! even a two year old game is fucking low! and they dont even have all the games! there is no kof 13! no white knight chronicles 2! wtf man???? bs! worse library and quanity of games! and im at westcoast and the department they send me games is at florida! but it does take 2 days for my first game to come. i tried gamefly before and from what i remember is correct, they send me games from los angelas! anyway rather spin extra 2,3 dollar at gamefly! more quanity and closer game sending zone. more games. oh and even cheap game that no one plays like "everything with an engine" is at very low avalibility. gamemine sucks!

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do it have any kind of online component?

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then i bet one of the monkeys messed with me. i pm few monkeys of whats going on and none reply. yep must be monkeys decided to "hey lets take his remote when hes at the bathroom" then quietly bring it back when im not here. not to mention the address looks funny when click make thread . something like if no one experience this then it must be intentional action from one of the monkeys. the monkey thats trying to be funny dont dare to come up front and explain itself.

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this forum ability to created thread got bugged out few days ago? or just monkeys?

tried to create thread few days ago but when click nothing happends. just wondering if anyone happens the same or just some monkey disabling the ability to make thread without giving any info or notifying for whatever reason.

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too much games. i got like 4,5 games and all of them is good and super replay value.

ps why i cant make thread suddenly? did you mods disable my ability to make thread without giving any info to me?

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i know someone that has a 360 he too says it got no game. only multiplat games. exlclusive is only halo and gears of war and thats it. he got bored and even i got bored playing at his house. controller is whack too especially the feel of left analog sticks. it is for 12 year old kid thumbs.

ps3 got many game you never get from other consoles and never see in pc. u get ps3 and you not late. ps4 wont come out for 3,4 years.

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thats good to hear that its real and i opened it. cant go back now. dammm still want red one. oh well.

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no i said correct. i like the new ps3 logo along with red case. new clear case ps3 logo is fine i like that too but i mostly like red case.