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red case looks cleaner and fresher. hate the old long spelled out ps3 spider man font.

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so it is the original version but sold it as greatest hits...... i am 40% satisfied and 60% not satisfied. i thought i was buying the greatest hits as i like the red case.

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I just got a ps3 game, the original version non-greatest hits non-red-case. brand new sealed but it has this red line of sticker that says "greatest hits" across the upper part of the case but the case itself is not greatest hits!

Is this mean it is rewarped? refurbish? or something somewthing? fake? i have never expereince this before. should i go return it? what you think?

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DIRT 2 graphic look better than DIRT 3

WWE SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2008 graphic look better WWE 12



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i dont get why people judge community in individual site. the people in this site is the people in other site and the people from other site is the people in this site. people is from earth and people that use sites is from earth. it is the same earthling.

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plenty of people i know dont take a shower in the morning before going to school or work. i always take a 20 second shower in the morning. water on my face and body make me no sleepy and not lazy. feel refreshing and ready to start the day.

when i was in school i see alot of people dont take a morning shower i can tell by their looks and hair. sometimes i see eye-shiet in their eyes. ewww!

even if im late to go somewhere in the morning.. i must take a shower. 20 second shower or even 10 second shower. feel like shiet if dont take a shower before leaving house in the morning. just pour water from the sink on your hand to put it on your face still feel like shiet and not refreshing.

i shower both morning and night. in winter night when it is cold i like to take a long ass warm shower for like 30 min or longer if its really cold. normal season when it is not that cold i take about 9 to 17 min shower.

i like girls to shower in the morning. i find them more attracive. when i was in school this white girl look the cleanest i can tell she take a morning shower everyday...... while the rest of the girls looks dirty and sloppy.

when i was in 4th grade kids in my class like to say take a bath when they really mean shower. they call both shower and bath "take a bath" i dont usually take a bath. i only want to takr a bath if i have a jakuzee.

after a nice cold 20 second shower then grab some coffee from the coffee maker you just made is so feel good when drink. same goes to nice cold soda or any cold beverage... after shower drink hot coffee or cold drinks feel so good!

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What reason most people say this game suck? all i hear is because it dont have the game modes that older socom have. if so thats not qualify to say it is suck just cause you dont like changes. its like you eat banana then you go eat cucumber and you say cucumber suck cause you eat banana first. you dont like changes in taste.

another reason i heard is no server list. thats it? so what! we not playing 2003 pc game anymore. letting the game automatically match for us is the future and hassle free no need to waste time going through list. system matching for us also gathers people together no need to wait for people to create a game. what? you want to play with someone you know only? well video game is not for you then. go play with your school buddies instead like play basketball or something. the world of online video game is all about kicking strangers ass and be the best and kicking strangers help you join a clan and make friends if you love friends. you cant just make friends out of your already friend.

and another reason is bugs.... but that dont qualify as fun factor impression. fun factor only counts for the core gameplay not bugs, server list, interface ect..

and another reason i hear is co op. what so bad about co op? i dont know about you but i ignore co op in every game. fuck co op.

another reason is bland story. come on who the fuck plays a multiplayer versus focus game for the story?

i have not play this game yet but from what i see i am digging it. look so fun. i encourage people to review the game from its versus multiplayer and core gameplay stand point.. not changes that they dont like and not story ect.....

i want to make an experimental by having a person that never plays any socom games before and play socom 4 and see if she likes it cause that is the way of legit impression/review.

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Can you create a female ninja in Online Versus mode?

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@SamStrife said:

I guess you could always wait a year or so and get the Super Edition for $40 new. There's no guarantee they will release a Super version but come on, this is Capcom we're talking about.

i heard they say capcom wont be making newer versions for sf x tekken.

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i usually buy used games but sf x tekken is exceptional as im a huge fan of sf. i want the box to be super smooth and clean so i can display it on shelf. all other games like fps i buy it used. i just bought killzone 3 used for like 13 dollar.

when i think of 60 dollar i can get like 3, 4 used games with it makes me dont want to get sf x tekken for 60. im not buying sf x tekken used , i want it new for 40 dollar. end of april dont seems quite long. i can play killzone 3 to kill time till then. oh i still play ssf4 in fact more then i play killzone 3. but damn everytime i see sf x tekken video makes me want it now!