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By what month do you think SF X Tekken will be around 40.00 globally but mainly amazon

i want it like crazy but i aint dropping 60 precious dough on 1 single game.

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Double exp weekend March 3rd for Europe only?

I finished the free multiplayer now i play full retail box game playing warzone and i dont see any double exp. whats up?

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So, I've noticed that during late nights/early mornings, there are around five different players playing Warzone. I notice that during the day, the game is filled with different lobbies of all kinds, but during nights and early mornings, there is a severe lack of games. It would make sense in saying that everyone is sleeping and all that herp derp, but this is freaking Killzone. If even half the people who bought KZ2 are playing this, then there should definitely be more than a handful of people playing. Also, I cannot find a single TDM or Operations match. I want to get into some games, but nobody seems to be playing.Did anyone even buy this game or what? I've been in one lobby for the past 45 minutes, give or take, and I'm only playing the same three or four people. Is anyone else running into this same scenario or am I on the other side of The Scary Door? I've tried going to "Map Selection" and picking random maps, but the game never finds anything.

is it posible that japan can only play with japan and america can only play with america aka seperate server? thats why it s it seems not many people? while cod is world wide right?

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@Etnos said:

@AnnouncerGXZ: For whatever it worth the Downloaded version load faster.

cool. can you eventually get all class to max and unlock all weapons class?

do i still get all dlc maps like as if i purchase digital if i buy retail box?

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i buy box and stats carry over? confirmed? double confirmed? if so thats cool but need to think about the double xp hmmm...

side question can you eventually get all class to max and unlock all weapons class?

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Killzone mainly 2 and 3 since I never touched the first one have always been a weird beast for me, they are beautiful with interesting controls and a good "feel" to them, but the stories they tell are Dreadful some of the dullest I've played in this generation I beat KZ3 in one sitting and was incredibly disappointed, without trying to sound like an asshole it felt like KZ 2.5 if they can rally a better writing team or something I might be interested in going behind enemy lines to play as a Helghast simply because I fucking LOVE the look, Gas masks are cool and space Nazis are cool but after playing 2 and 3 the story is just uninteresting as fuck if they can fix that sure but until then they feel held back from Triple A status.

luckly i refuse to play story mode in fps games. online only.

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Yep they succeeded. Just finish free version now i am hooked and want to buy it! but I want to buy the retail box. question is does it still qualify to continue from the stats from the free version? or only purchase digital only?

15 dollar digital is awesome deal. i aint care for story mode anyway but i rather have physical copy to admire box and for conveniency. take it anywhere to play on any ps3.

graphic 10 out of 10. this is fucking unique.

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professors are jerks. i dont know if GED teacher is called a professor too or not. he was a jerk... dick and douchebag. the other day he pass us book... only 10 books but the class has about 17 students. the rest got a staple copy of he page instead. i was one of the student that got the staple paper. then the day over i put it in the pile of the book. tommorw come and everybody getting the book and paper from the stack and somehow i left out..... none left. seconds later i was chosen to to read a paragraph... i dont got book nor staple paper. he fucking raise voice at me.. but not really just acting like a dick. saying why i dont prepare and its all my fault. it is his fucking fault for not preparing to make sure the book is enough for everyone. luckly a nice young lady sits next to me let me share the book.

4min later he pick on this dude... forgot whats it about. he says dont give me that attitude to the dude.... the dude talk back defending himself. edchumacation can be an obstical dealing with jerk ass perfessor. he aint no female perfessor yet he act bitchy like having a period.

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fat or slim?

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grammar my nut. "at at" that aint no grammar. that is typo problem not grammar. you want grammar? i am the grammar!

yore grammar and your grammar is not a grammar problem either. it is spelling problem. people these days cant tell the difference between grammar, spelling and typos problem.