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 Nier's dual-blade girl is a transexual?
i was googling nier replicant and found a thread about transexual in nier. i scan posts and dont see who is the transexual. is it the girl wielding dual blade? if its true.... dammmmm hot!
who can confirm? and dont know where nier forum is.

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i dont even care to look at thumbdown/thumbup features in youtube or any forums that has it. i dont even care for that feature. 
what care is actual thing. not thumb. i even forgot to notice that youtube has thumb  down/up feature. i dont think its nesscessary. even if giantbomb decides to have it..... i wouldnt notice and i wouldnt care.

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@SeriouslyNow said:
" Wait, so you act like a tker in an fps and you find it strange that people get annoyed?  It's one thing to fuck around if your team has done so well that most of the other side log off because they've been getting their asses handed to them continuously but at the start of a round if you shoot your teammates FF or no FF, they will assume you're a noob, a troublemaker or both. "
i act like a fun person, not a tker.tker is fker right? its just my playful action.  and no talk. if they gonna be all serious..... rather be serious at hacker-acuser and overboard-smack-talkers. but me i only act like playful person shooting own team for so tiny sec.
me vs hacker-acuser, overboard-smack-talkers..... im nothing. my actions is very so light that cannot mean anything. jus my lost of bullets and boredom killer.
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@TorgoGrooves89 said:
" Dude, don't fucking shoot your own team mates, that's not fucking cool. I don't care if you're bored, do not do it. No one will like you. "
enemy not around. feel bored. shoot team for 6sec. move and find enemy. i dont know if thats so much of an issue.
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@Abyssfull said:
" Huh, took off the default ps3 avi I see. "
what you talking about? me? took off default ps3 avi? snake? no i did not took it off. 1 day i log on and it jus change. why? i dont know. someone must hate that avi so much they hack my account and change it.
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no smile people should have their own server/game/room.  im talking bout fps.
many fps i play... in team matchs friendly fire disable..... i feel bored so i shoot at my own team couple bullets on their head and i get kick from game. the people that kick me is called no smile people. they take things seriously and no smile, no humor, no fun.
sometime we feel bored and shoot own team for fun.... we not killing them... friendly fire is off... so why no smile people get offended? are they that offended just for shooting them when nothing takes effect? they no smile people? not that we can kill them cause friendly fire is disable. yet they get offended. they also get mad by talking at me taking all serious.... jesus its just a game and no effect when i shoot you!
all no smile people should get together and make their own room/server/game. instead of mixing with smile people. or they need to lick my....... ice cream cause my ice cream make them happy. seriously ice cream makes you happy and smile.
it is my lost of bullets if i shoot them for fun.... why do they care? nothing take effect to them. i play for fun and for win too... not like i shoot my own team 24/7 all through the matches... when no enemy around and i feel bored... i shoot own team for fun for couple seconds then move out and find enemy. no smile people take it to the heart. why? no smile people should get together and have their own server/game/room.

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 for people who own a ps3 and replaced their laser lense only.
where do you buy your laser lense?

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is video cards just a marketing strategy?
a ps3 can run games that look alot like dx10 or even dx11 perfectly  like DIRT 2 and BAD COMPANY 2.. and ps3 is like what... late 2006?   and 4870x2 is 2008 yet it dont have dx11 while ps3 got graphic of dx11. i got a 54" toshiba regza led on my main entertainment room playing BAD COMPANY 2 look damn amazing just like dx11. 
and crysis 2 graphic for ps3 look better than crysis 1's high setting
another thing my most powerfulest rig in the house is phenom ii 965 - 2gb ram - 3870 playing age of conan at maximum setting everything enable and 16aa/16 af and it run like shiet! stutter and constant hiccup. then i upgrade to 4850... still fucking same! constant hiccup then finally decide to install 4x 4gb (16gb) g.skill and its like wow! so damn smooth! i cannot believe my eyes! so whats the point of video card when i put more ram and its better than when i upgrade video card? even a crap ass mmo like lineage 2 has horrible stutter with phenom ii 965, 2gb ram, 3870... cant even set to max setting and 16aa 16af on catalyst... get stutter... then 16gb and no stutter. even a greater crap ass mmo like rappelz happend same.  so whats the point of video card? 
also i can play games on phenom ii 965, 16gb ram, 4850 alot more better performance than my friends i7, 3gb , 4890..... i even borrow his 4890 and stick it on mine and we both agree the performance is not noticible cause my previous setup is already high! so if i upgrade to 4890 it would be a waste of money.
and if you think about it.... 8800gtx to 9800gtx is no difference......  2900xt and 3870 is not a huge gap....  tiny gap that dont make differences....