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why is that mass effect, halo, star trek online, stargate online, eve online, starwars online dont interest me? i thought i dislike sci fi games but then why is that im interest in unreal tournament, huxley, berkanix, rf online, lost planet?
im confused of my game-uality. are you in the same boat?

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this thread seems obsolete but feel like coming back to it and say..... man i thought ps3 structure is easy to open like ps2! in ps2 after we take cover off and black plate and lense right there. we dont have to put black lense cover on back.... cause we can test disc while black lense cover off so no worry of hassle to put in put back. we can also watch it naked while it operate so we know the disc is spinning or not...
.....but in ps3 we must take the grey lense cover back on if we want to operate the system.... which is a hassle... we assemble back and and forth if it dont work. 
and the wire i scare to pull before...... turns out it have a small black lock that i can lift it up.
blah blah. my ps3 dont fucking work! it wont read blu ray! it happend before but i fixed it by let it sit outdoor in the open cold morning fog for 1,2 hour then put disck  cleaner then wala work...... thats like few months ago now it dont read games again!  i tried same method but this time no luck!
who got idea to fix?
and mannn i remmeber someone say i better sell my ps3 while it work cause since it once dont work then work back.... it will not work agian at some point.... mannn i should sell it when it work and buy a new one!

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oh alright glad its 720p. man i really thought the 1,049,088 is 1050p. and yes 1050p does exist and i heard its cheap picture.... glad it aint 1050p! 
and ofcourse much props for fast answer

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@Inf225 said:

" thats 768p... given that its progressive scan... "

so u saying its 720p? the 68 they dont seems to count cause every 720p i see it always is 1366 x 768... and they jus forget the 68 and be 720p.
so if u says its 768p then it is 720p... u saying its 720p. but what about the 1,049,088? what the fuck is that? why they say that? yet saying 1366 x 768...... i dont get it. still not sure if this is 720p or 1050p.
and why is my avatar change itself? what happend to my default snake?
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if it says.....
" 1,049,088 pixels (1366 x 768)"
does that mean it is 720p or 1050p? i am confuse cause 1366 x 768 have always been 720p..... but then it says 1,049,088 makes me suspect it is 1050p.....

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@XII_Sniper said:

" Okay, I dunno how qualified you are to be doing this... judging based on how you type, not really.  But as someone explained earlier, you can't take the grey piece off without removing the drive entirely, because it keeps the drive attached to the PS3. "

oh. yeah i jus realize i must take the drive apart too. as i watch youtube video they take out two wires and take out the drive completely.... now my problem is how do i take out the wires? i am scare to pull it off by the wire. is there something like i must press or squeeze? or i jus simple hold the wire and pull? but dont the wire be ripped?
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dammmit alright. forget everything and focus of what im saying now.  sorry havent eat cant explain well at first post.
ok now....
(point is i want to clean the laser lense. now i saw youtube video.... they took out two wires on the drive.... how do i pull those wires out? i scar eof ripping it off and damage. do i just pull it by holding the wire and pull? but isnt that be ripping the wire off?)

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@Ineedaname said:
" If you're having a problem with your games and still within your warranty send it off, you're only voiding it by doing DIY. "
GRRR... SORRY TO GRR AT YOU. i jus annoyed by people always say send it to sony! 150! warrenty!
whats DIY btw?
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i want the grey plate off just to see when the disc is spinning. reason why i want to take it off is to see if the disc is spinning or not.
yeah.... spinning... reason i want to take the grey plate off is to see the disc is spinning. please help! im not taking the drive apart from the board... jus want the grey cover off. and oh yeah i want to clean the lense too.

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@timay said:

" A little help in exactly what you are trying to do would help? Do you have a slim or a phat ps3. "

fat 40gb. u know when u open up the ps3 cover? then it shows blu ray and hdd ect... now i want to take off the grey cover on the blue ray drive off. how do i do that?
you know like ps2.... we see lense and put disc on and see.