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 how do i check win percentage in tekken 6?

cant find tekken 6 section so i post here 
nevermind got it.

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360 yo! yo!..... you pay to play with cool people! 
 and if you pay additional 50 bucks per year you get your toe nail clip for you! plus wash car for you! and plus you get super dooper sailor moon stickers! isnt that a splendid deal?

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is this bundle only for japan? or usa too? i probly get it if its in usa and cheap.  my 40gb kindda not enough.
i predict it gonna be 354.99 usd i mean since the system is ff13 theme.... ill say 379.99

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no it dont work. children dont understand sarcasm. on the internet you dont get to see people face but only their username.... you may argue with them, agree with them, love them, fight them, punch them without knowing how if they old man or young girl but using sarcasm at them dont work if they are children.
age 5-13 dont know sarsasm
age 14-16 few dont know sarcsm and few do

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playing it on 4650 will make it look like a ps2 game. 

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few months ago some kid argue about samurai afro show is made by american, inpired by japanese anime style and i was like no way! i said its made by japanese, features black.
the show was oviously made by japanese but not sure about the game. i dont feel any usual japanese sense in the game. in devil may cry, ninja gaiden, bayonetta i can feel japanese sense in it but afro samurai i just feel no japanese snese at all. makes me wonder.
samurai afro sense like in The Mark of Kri and ps2's Prince of Persia  1-3 (exclude the ps3 one) and especially like Gothic 3 which the attacks you cant sense any strong impact, it just plainly swing blade with no sense of strong impact.

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 what race make samurai afro game (game)
what race create/develope?

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@Manatassi said:

" @AnnouncerGXZ: Midnight Club LA is waaaay heavy on the licensed Music. I would seriously reconsider getting Burnout Paradise otherwise wait for Blur. If you don't like Burnout Paradise you probably aren't going to like MC:LA much either.   If you are looking for an open world racing game then Burnout Paradise is pretty much the best option, especially if you like online play. However if you are looking for a track based arcade racer, Split Second is looking promising along with Blur. Personally I found GRID and DIRT 2 to be some of the best arcade/sim straight racers out there right now.  It really does come down to deciding what you really want from a racing game. Between Blur and MC:LA I would personally wait for Blur at this point but theres no guarantee how it will turn out. No-one can tell you what kind of racing game to get based on those two choices without just expressing a preference for one type of racing or another. Thats just something you should be deciding for yourself. "

well midnight club does have liscense music but its exception. i dont know how i can ignore liscense music in mcla when i dislike it in games.... but midnight club is exception. and i dont even like hip hop music... midnight club seems to have like 89% of hip hop music yet its exception. i guess i like burnout 1 music so much then when their later game came out they took it out... i guess it broke my heart.\
well its good though hearing paradise has option to put burnout 1 music on. maybe i can give paradise a chance sometimes.
but anyway i guess im going for mc la first as a stepping stone to mod nation. im gonna 100% get mod nation but the release is unknown. i like any kind of racing weather it be tracked or open-street as long as it is arcadee.
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customers have the right to price shop.
theres gotta be something more to it. did you curse at someone?
if got kick out jus by telling your friend other store price is cheaper then the employee is beyond douche.
i been to many gamestop and no problem at alll in fact most of it has nice looking female employee that is really helpful. maybe male employee is suck.

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@Manatassi said:
" Two TOTALLY different games. Midnight Club seems to still be populated but thats on XBL I dont know on PSN. Mainly you need to work out what kind of game you want, also do you have Burnout Paradise yet? "
i bought burnout 1 and love it. the unique music and rushness feels like rad racer on the original nintendo.... makes me reminescing and saying burnout is a new gen rad racer game to myself. bought burnout revenge and i was horrified seeing how they took out their own music and flood it with liscense music... i hate games with lissense music! i have my own music player i can play whatever music i want! but when im playing a game... iw ant to hear unique music from the game!  i think i threw burnout reveng eon ebay... not sure what i did with it.  ever since i wasnt interest in burnout games... not even paradise.