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@JJOR64 said:
" 1.  Yes.  2.  You can't use the Ivy model but, you can make a female with Kilik's moveset.  3.  Are you talking about the online levels you get? "
how do you enlarge breast?
i want my female body type to be huge like ivy with male moveset. posible? cause all the female i make is all small body type with small breast.
level.... yeah i think its online... i think so.  it says on bottom something like leveled up skill status something something.
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questions about soul calibur 4 on ps3.
1: can we enlarge breast?
2: can we use ivy figure and make moveset as kilik? female character?
3: what the level up do? we get gold each level up or what?

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 does soul calibur 4 have cpu vs cpu?

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i got a refurbished ps3 40gb with streetfighter 4 all for 289.99 usd grand total.
40gb ps3 + streetfighter 4 = 289.99 usd grand total
how much did you got for?

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 what you despise more in fighting games such as tekken 6, soul calibur 4 and all those online games that has lobby with remove/kick feature.... spammer or remove abuser?

category 1:
- spammer
- freestyle, dont know moves but button mash as fast as posible

category 2:
- cant beat them, remove them out of room
- remove them cause they a threat to me
- remove people that just came in
- remove people when its their next in turn, made them wait for nothing
- remove the next up cause i want to cut him
- cant beat him, tell the leader to remove him aka being a director
- find fault/whine at them to excuse removing them out
- remove, remove and remove regardless smooth connection

as for me.... i choose category 2. i dont have a problem with spammers and freestylers. they are legit although it is kindda annoying but still legit and we can find a way to defend it, do anything to win no rules (however i myself tend to not spam, i always try to do varieties its not fun winning by spamming) but category 2 is plain abusive, manipulation and childish actions dont know competition.....

seems like every online game alot of players dont know competition and dont have sportsmanship.

theres this guy that play kazuya and kept doing the leg cut non stop and i see he won streak 3,4 times then i came in and break his streak. spammers and freestylers is not so much of a problem, its category 2.
if only namco ect.. warns people not to abuse kick feature on back of their game case or something.......

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