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Anyone else come out of this hoping they ditch the site-wide awards next year? It seems like everyone just comes out of it bitter about something and no one is happy.

Honestly, I think it serves about as much purpose these days as review scores (which I'd love to see them ditch next year too). The site has been heading in the personality-centric direction since it's inception. Why do they still put out a site-wide list that undermines everything they've been working towards? It's like they're latching on to these last few things because for so long they've been bullet points on the list of requirements to be a site about video games.

I would have loved to have seen this year's coverage be their videos leading into their personal lists with a single special edition Bombcast where they talk about their lists and a sort of "the year in review." That way they can have the discussions we all want to hear, but they're not overtaken by people fighting for their opinions to form a list that really doesn't make sense anymore.

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I miss the Lantern Runs more than Breaking Brad, but let us never forget:

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It's a tie between Beyond Earth and Dragon Age for me. I was really hyped for Beyond Earth, thought it was going to be a Civ in space. Instead, they ripped the soul out of Civ 5 and filled it with a bunch procedurally generated nonsense. Dragon Age because the combat is still absolute garbage which makes an 80 hour RPG unplayable for me.

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I don't really buy the "they should hire the most qualified person" discourse. This is a personality-based website (and that's why I love it), so I think they should hire based on personality rather than pure qualifications. I'd rather see an interesting person with the aforementioned 5 years' experience than someone boring who's been around forever.

(and yes, I think it's time to add diversity to the team.)

How is personality not a qualification?

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I hope Giant Bomb continues to ignore the internet on this matter and hires the person that's best suited for the job regardless of gender, race, religion, or what have you. 90% of the people complaining about such things aren't worth listening to as they are usually arguing for the very thing they're fighting against in the first place.

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That event is scripted, not random.

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  • Brad: 1. Destiny, 2. Mordor
  • Dan: 1. Bayonetta, 2. Smash
  • Jeff: 1. Far Cry, 2. Mario Party
  • Patrick: 1. Divinity, 2. D4

For some reason I can't recall Drew really talking about anything he was crazy about on the podcast so he's a complete wildcard. Beyond the occasional Quick Look we don't really hear from Vinny a lot so no idea what he's been into this year. Same for Alex I guess except he's on the morning show, but I don't watch it :s

Overall is probably going to be Mordor. I see it being in everyone's top three.

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Why couldn't they just put the combat of Divinity: Original Sin in this game? :{

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So it's not just Civ 5 with it's historical guts ripped out and replaced with a bunch of procedurally generated nonsense?

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Nobody wanted the version of this game that would have came out in October. Game would have vanished faster than Titanfall.