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I've gathered from vague comments that some people somewhere are being jerks. I don't know who these people are or to whom specifically they're being jerks, or even the ways in which they're being jerks. Just that they're jerks(, and that we hate them?).

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Sounds great. Timeline seems a bit bonkers but I can't say it'll cause me to not buy them.

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Best of luck with this endeavour, dear Vincent. I know it's not like you're leaving the site but my gut reaction was one of dismay at no longer seeing you mesh with the boys on UPF, but then I realized it was always you that I wanted to see anyway. You have an incredible sense of humor and sportsmanship, and you always know how to take the simplest thing and break it into something entertaining. Godspeed, and know that I will be eagerly awaiting anything produced by the New East Crew!

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I really enjoyed this game. Just finished it up earlier today myself. It's kind of like Half-Life in the sense that the story itself isn't what's interesting but in the way it's told. They manage to convey a lot of emotion through characters who don't speak a lick of English (the language they use is made up, right?). The real trick will be to find 10 games that are as good or better this year...

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Yes, Metroid Prime. Many games come very close for me, such as Half-Life 2, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario World, but Prime takes it for me. Such a flawless execution on a theme and aesthetic.

I started gaming in 1992.

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I found and still find the one stick control scheme to be highly intuitive. Retro Studios recognized that the second stick on the gamecube was tiny and uncomfortable to use, so instead of insisting on what would have been a standardized yet uncomfortable control scheme they baked up their own. Your personal failings at being able to adapt to new types of gameplay do not render a game "unplayable", and besides, if the controls bother you that much there is always the Wii version included in the Metroid Prime Trilogy which features a more dual analog-like experience with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

Regardless of any of this, just because a lot of other people really enjoy a game doesn't automatically mean you have to. It's called personal taste and it will vary from person to person. A lot of people seem to lose their minds over Final Fantasy VII, while I didn't like it at all. Does that make their opinion "wrong"? Of course not. They really enjoy the game and that's that. To this day Metroid Prime is easily my favourite game on any platform because of its pacing, atmosphere, aesthetic, and it's brilliant use of a "show-don't-tell" story, but if you don't like it that's on you and there's really nothing anyone can say to change that.

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I thought this was supposed to be out on Steam today? It says August 2nd now. Did I just misread the original date or did they make a last minute switcharoo?

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Looking for something with a variety of games beyond the traditional Blackjack and Poker. Maybe it's asking too much but if there's anything at all similar in scope to what Clubhouse Games did for DS. Preferably something recent-ish, with support for modern resolutions. Also if it's available on Steam that would be a major plus. Googling just gives me stories on Steam's new trading card features so any help is appreciated.


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Already have a bit of a Lincoln thing going on, but I'll try to grow out the mustache. It's never really worked out too well before, but hey, Ryan's worth it.

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Sucks being Canadian sometimes.