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Yes Steam is so much better. It is a shame that Skulls of The Shogun are forced to use windows 8 live. :-(

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Age of Empires II is coming back, to Steam, with steamworks and workshop!!! From Hiddem Path!!! And there is no news of it on the site.

Giantbomb is really slow on the news these days. ;-(

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Mr Patrick Klepek, you sir, are a console fan boy!!! If nextgen consoles are just pc inside, then why is PC mention last???

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A user has posted this on the steam forums, but I can't find the source for it:

According to the recent QuakeCon announcement, Wolfenstein should return to steam along with Quake Wars before Quakecon 2013 in August. These titles were pulled because Activision is no longer the publisher. Bethesda/id purchased the rights to these and is now the publisher.

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Yes, the 2009 version it was on steam, maybe it has something to do with distribution rights.

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the game is no longer available on steam...?

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Will Wolfenstein ever return to steam?

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They are probably the same version. But who is going to buy the Windows 8 version? Or the phone one??? They should just release the game on Steam if they want to make money. It’s Windows Vista time all over again!

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Check it out:

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Please we need a quick look for this game...