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I still have a tough time going back to old GB content because I don't know if I'll be able to handle hearing Ryan's voice again.

I just renewed my subscription to the site thanks to the sale and got that hilarious thank you confirmation message. Wasn't expecting to hear it. Why I'm here now.

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Just played my week 1. Did fantastic on defense and rushing but had a total meltdown with Brady and picks. This one's gonna sting for awhile.

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@enterprise1345: password is "duder"

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I'm in the league. Made my own coach but noticed others chose preexisting. Did I mess up? Will it make a difference?

If need be I'd be all for it being changed to maintain the balance.

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Actually going to mix it up. Get another division in there and go with the Patriots. Really looking forward to this.

GT = anthanoid

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@sarge1445: Yay! And with the fewer number of players it should at least make the league easier to get moving.

I am going to have a rough division if my friend John takes the Chargers rough

Have the Chargers been reserved yet? If so no biggie I'm still in with another team.

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@mikey87144: You can import it into the Kindle app. Works just fine.

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I'm picking it up Day 1 to get the most out of it.

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According to a tweet by Geoff Keighley, Kojima will be at the VGAs in some form and reveal "the truth" about Rising.

Tweet link:!/geoffkeighley/status/132144779990540288

What do you think it will be?