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Gamertag: IvIxANTHMANxIvI

Timezone: EST

Launch games or games I currently play: Forza Motorsport 5; BF4; Ghosts.

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I figured that - thought I'd ask anyway :P Circuit - C Class - Positano - Full & Reverse ...It's one of the many tracks I've yet to race on (for the world tour achievement)

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sushi and I probably could have kept going back and forth there for a while. I would like the GTR unicorn car for my reward ;)

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it shall be me who wins three in a row mwahahahaha . Next week that extreme track on Viejo de Montserrat. X class lol

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all tracks on catalunya in S class

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It's amazing how your very active with general club housekeeping @PsEG, my last club were mostly comprised of inactive Skyrim players. Question: does the GB car club get unicorn cars from Turn 10 to give away to its members? I want those Nissan's!

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I finally managed to dicifer the captcha and signed up here! Can I be a member of this club? I'm not a premium member tho (I'm cool) but I am level 70 in FM4 and a very fast racer. Top 100.

I will eventually finish every event. Also bought Season Pass and ima huge fan of Jeff G.

Gamertag: IvIxANTHMANxIvI

PS: I'm Canadian.