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I don't like Patrick's experiment, commenting on twitter outrage I mean.

I think this is the new New Games Journalism

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I dont understand what to do. Im eating bugs with my tongue. And.... now what?

I am pretty sure you are done. Maybe buy an upgrade so you can ride a turtle while eating bugs? I am sure the greatness will show up sooner or later, except probably not.

It is cool that it is in Brad's top 10, everyone has that quirky game pick. That doesn't mean it is actually a great game most people will like though. In Frog Fractions case I see absolutely no appeal. That's okay though cause I like some games others will feel the same way about. I just wish the sites users would realize it is okay not to like a game the staff thinks is great.

I don't think you even made it halfway through the game.

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I never thought the US healthcare system was this bad, I only thought you'd start having to pay extortionate rates for major surgery.

I'm in the US and everyone I know has health insurance. Especially after Obama care.

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What the f* is a GP ?

We don't really have GP (General Practitioners) in the US, at least anymore. They are roughly equivalent to a "family doctor."

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That Globe and Mail article on Assassin's Creed is funny. Looks like they just read the back of the box and came up with some faux indignation nonsense.

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Looks like a cutscene from a 90s Playstation game

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Fat shaming is good since otherwise people think it's ok to be fat. If being fat becomes normal then we're in trouble.

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Content has been low and I understand it's due to them moving offices and E3, but I hope it picks up soon. If I didn't have the year sub I probably wouldn't re-up right now until they got the ball rolling again.

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I've sent Dave several tweets and PMs regarding issues with my account and he's never responded. I don't think one guy can handle all this stuff, hope they get more support staff.

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The TNT of Cards Against Humanity still has the messed up audio. Any plans to fix this?