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I think it would be helpful if there were more categories. Separate the Jar Talk, TNT, Load Our Last Save, Random PC Game into their own categories. Right now it's a pain to navigate the video section when they are all dumped together. It's also hard to find a specific video because the description doesn't, er, describe enough about the video. I tried to find an old TNT where they played the Ticket to Ride board game but there was no way to search for it. I had to just use Google. Google Search shouldn't be more helpful in finding things on a site than its native search feature.

Finally, it would be nice if the site linked to the archived videos on (and labelled correctly) since many newer users won't have any idea they exist. There are hours and hours of pure gold archived there that aren't on the main Giantbomb website.

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@tulextreme said:

Is there a free to play option like a month free or something so i can check this game out? Been playn wow for 5yrs and i think i had enough of it lol! Might wanna check this on up!

Should be free to play in about a year when the subscriptions start dropping off.

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Who is playing with Ryan?

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If you don't run ad-block you deserve to get a computer virus

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@BrockNRolla said:

There has a to be a problem with the site right now. The Postal III Quick Look should have been up by now too. Unfortunately, in a world of Twitter and numerous other communication devices, no one at Giant Bomb is saying anything...

It's almost 7:50am. I bet they aren't even awake yet.

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I'm sure they'll fix it when they get to work? Still only 7am

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You should post this on SA, Nick

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Brie is good on omelettes or simple sandwiches. Sometimes just by itself. I also really like Dry Jack even though it's sort of boring. Shred it and make grilled cheese sandwiches. Way better than cheddar.

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You could make this exact argument decades ago.

WHAT? ANOTHER MARIO GAME? Contra 3? Castlevania 4? It's all sequels all the time for SNES Arrrghhhhhhhh

Where is the innovation 16bit games suck!

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I was looking through some old Gamespot videos for nostalgia and I remembered their Afterhours show where Ryan and Alex demoed Singstar. From watching this I would believe that Ryan was from the South. Dang, he's pretty good! Alex on the other hand...

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