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Support: Reload skill, healtj regen,arrmor.  
Gunner: AmmoClip, Reload, Critical.....well you got a'lot of ammo don't ya?       
Hehe A medic can really do some damage in this funny's like 1996 again :)

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I might try these! Mine are (like any one else I would suspectt) Supporft: Skill, Regen, Armr    Support: AmmoClip, Reload, Cricikfalfkaklafhgjkgfh  
det här mirt sätt at plyaa dnt argy sltuta .... '' 

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@Ahmad_Metallic: a´hem: " Hidden & Dangerous ? are you crazy?"...someone had to do it...somewhat seriously though I seem to forgive a lot of bad games.. I'm with TheHKB on this one. The ones that really grinds my gears is: shareware wolfensteon and doom...never finding those games and playing them beyond chapter 1.......15 years later WIN!
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@Tordah: After thinking about it, perhaps they wouldn't be the best band when the growling starts...hehe...One song that always makes me think about infinite undiscovery is the song Coil(Couldn't find a good link to it).
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I can't find the button to 'quote' everyone but the solution is: Opeth
 I'd like to say a particular song but they are more an album kind of band...or not. Blackwater Park is the best or, the best album in sweden 2008(in my opinion), Watershed. Progressive black-rock-acoustic-metal???....haha(definitions are funny)

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beat the game a while ago, it took only 3 bottles of red wine. A respectable amount considering it's a puzzler released these days. I tried it today and there was something wrong with the drm/license issue... Deleted it and downloaded it again...forgot I deleted the saves. Guess it's time for some wine again :)