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So none of my friends are going to be getting fifa 13 but i still like it. Pro clubs is the mode we usually do and was wondering if someone wants to make a GB club or let me join theirs on xbox..let me know

GT is same as my name on here

p.s. 18 or older

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reflect damage, invul, fire chains, nightmarish fast

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so what was "wrong" with the ending? I never played any of the ME games

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I can see questions like that in a group of friends or something but on a stream it's pure unprofessional and ignorant.

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eh i only had a problem in 3-1 where i died vs boss and those F-ing octopussy faces kept pulling some cheap stuff

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top of first tower when first starting can just do 3-1 and you'll get the silver one

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My brother and I are trying to get into the same game but we have no idea how to "invite" each other. Note that we both just bought the game and both are still in 1-1.

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you don't need a mic for teamwork..follow a teammate..BAM! teamwork

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Go figure i just got another suppression ribbon. I guess popping the cherry is the hardest part

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FINALLY! I just got this achievement! i'm super happy i finally did it and I was using Assault class lol! I was all over forums trying to figure out a good strategy to get one but everyone said use LMG's and a bunch of people said sniper and i had no luck with either. But today, I hopped on to play a round with a friend on conquest and got the map Operation Metro. that map is good for getting mass kills but suppression is like "ok shoot them but don't kill them...just shoot very close to them" so retarded! But hey I love Battlefield Series Since 1943. I'm also extremely pleased that I got this cheevo before Karkand comes out this Tuesday. Because you know that they have more achievements with DLC. Anyway I just needed to tell everyone i finally did it!