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If you purchased the steam version , first you need to check in the store if your game is compatible with MAC OS , if it is you"ll see a windows icon and a MAC OS icon.... 

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@Skooky:  No , she ( or he ) is crying because of this post....
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I wish bastion came out for PS3 , it would be awesome

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Sorry but I agree with  Sphinxks  , because there are some games that make you feel you're playing a master piece , like you were in the Louvre museum , and one of these games is Bastion...
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@wumbo3000: Sometimes it seems the universe just want to fuck with you and your life....I don't understand
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@wumbo3000: One time I was watching a movie in my computer and than in the Exactly moment that a ménage scene started , my mom entered in my room....and I tried to pause but she saw it anyway , and it was so embarrassing....I didn't knew what say   , I was like OMFG....
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@theplatypus: Yeah , what you said it's true , I have never thought about that....
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@TheSeductiveMoose: LA Noire was a great game for me , but I don't agree with you about Heavy rain  , ok that Heavy rain is a weird game but its more like a movie than a make your own way to the end  , and the history is awesome....for me heavy rain its a great game too.
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@theplatypus: The good thing is that only the people from "Favela" like this kind of video....and dude , Brazil it's not a good country  , believe me . Corruption here it's like homeless people or drug users....they are everywhere and the people here doesn't do anything to fix it. Here an iPad 1  16 GB its  like $700.
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Borderlands to me is like a classic , and I believe that they'll make the borderlands 2  way better than the first one....let's wait to play...

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