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Wait for the stand-alone. This isn't the type of game where a bug or mistake can be brushed off easily. You lose everything you have collected when you die, so when a cheater comes by and decides to kill you, too bad.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. Not a lot of people will give the game a chance because it incorporates puzzles.

I like this comment you made.

"... and yes, I am spending my free time today pouring over internet wiki's and discussion boards trying to piece together and make sense of what I experienced in the end. Trying to make sure I had all the information correct and reading everyone's theories on the game's conclusion. An activity I rarely do with even my most beloved games."

I feel like all games should strive to make the player think about the story long past the ending credits.

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Man, now I'm worried my old PS2 is going to die and I'm going to be left spending extra money to get a replacement. I still have a ton of uncompleted JRPGs on the system.

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Well, the puzzles in 999 were not particularly hard and I feel the developers made them that way on purpose. I enjoyed the puzzles because they were all nice and short. But my favorite aspect of the game was the story. I haven't played a game with such a tightly written story (despite some plot holes) in a long time. If the story was lacking, I wouldn't have even continued to play the game. Wait till you get to the ending TC.

The game makes me wish all video game stories were as creative and well written as it. Then again, maybe I'm expecting too much from JRPGs.

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Male. How am I supposed to role-play a female? Besides, I wouldn't take the game seriously if I spent the entire game trying to find a skanky wardrobe for my female character.

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People see an 8.7 as an 8 and obviously a 9 or above as a "perfect" score. The trolls need an excuse after all...

I'll wait till more reviews start cropping in and then I'll make my decision,

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@Slax: Yeah, I'm still waiting on it too. Missed it live. Usually it is archived around 11-12 EST at night. Sometimes it could take a whole day too.

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AntonioTheDeadly, just finished chapter 3 and I think I got a hang of the new features of the game.

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Xaxware, the most random name ever.

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