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Sure, there have been a lot of games where Burgers have played roles or made a cameo, but which game do you think Burgers really mattered?

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I'm pretty meh about it all, excited for Modest Mouse and Dream theater. I would really like to see some Mars Volta or At the Drive-in.

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 Maybe everyone in the MK universe has kryptonite in there blood, but it would have to be the kryptonite from his specific world or it won't work. I really will need some well detailed reasons as to why the MK roster of GI-joe women and Ice shooting ninjas can take down the Justice League and other DC characters in the game. It still really seems like they over power them by a lot. Plus being a Batman fan boy, no one beats Batman not unless he wills it so. I think it's an interesting idea but I hope it's put together with some thought.

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I think Matthew Good could be a pretty good match.

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My posts from yesterday are all gone :O!

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 Now that Burst Limit has come out, where do you think the franchise could go? Do you think Atari will just shrug there shoulders and make 3 or 4 Burst Limit games and call it something else in 5 years or do you think theres room to make some decent DBZ games that aren't fighting games?

I think a DBZ rts would be awesome. It takes place in the past when Saiyans still had Planet Vegeta, and you just take control of armies of Saiyans or you can choose to fight against the Saiyans. There could be Hero units with Daily Super Moves, like as an example with the Saiyans, the Hero can use a fake moon orb to turn your Ground Troops into there Ape form giving them power buffs for like 3 minutes. Stuff like that.

So what's your idea? Where do we go from here?

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A Veggie burger is never in a game because the main character needs MEAT! He or she needs to bite into the raw flesh of dead beasts in order to drive himself into the blood frenzy he needs to be in so he can go on and complete his quest, whatever it may be.

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I think you could make a sandwich with some ham, lettuce, cheese etc. but with a hamburger patty on there as well and call it a sandwich. So I think if you introduce a different meat that isn't bacon you can counteract the label and it then becomes a sandwich. So if you put a steak and hamburger on two slices of bread that becomes a steak and hamburger sandwich.

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I think he's got a talent but with a side of insane. I think there are some days where he falls asleep under then sun wakes up burnt to a crisp, with a heat headache and an idea about a middle aged man who gets a adrenaline strength high from stars and mushrooms. I am thankful for his insane heat induced visions though.

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Just out of wondering who here has actually played games like, Wrecking Crew, Mario teaches typing, and the Mario Artist series?