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The story in Halo 4 was not bad. I'm sure he's a good writer.

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Thank you Ryan!

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Thank you Ryan, thank you for everything.

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I think it's your fault for noticeing it, just tune it out.
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Yeah, I will be buying it. Because I have to have everything, besides it'll be like a Wii remote that actually works. That's pretty awesome

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Also,  tip for SCEE customers. We get LBP for free aswell as wipeout

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Well, I bought my playstation plus subsription this morning, so I guess it's too late for me to change my mind

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@LordXavierBritish:   I'm not trying to attack anything you say, I was asking a question and making a point. 
I don't want to stop anyone from eating meat, it's a decision people have to come to themselves. You have some crazy idea about what a vegetarian is and you have some really warped views on science.
We do not need meat to survive, if we did or I lived in a much less privileged society and I needed to eat meat to survive then yes, of course I would. Each and every creature on this earth share a common ancestry and it is only by shear coincidence we evolved this amazing gift of our itellegence, our logic, our science and our reason. Why should this give us dominion over any other species? In fact we have broken free from our animal instints in so many other ways, why should eating meat be any different?
You really really really should look up the works of Peter Singer, he would really open your eyes. He's a much smarter man than me and I think you'd really learn something from him. He probably will not change you views but that's not the point, I just think you should open your mind a bit. It's okay to be a vegetarian!!
I don't argue I'm better than you because I don't eat meat and you do. Although, I would argue I'm a better person than you beacuse I don't actually care about what food you consume and am not trying to argue that you are dumb for eating meat.
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@LordXavierBritish said:

"  Vegetarianism goes against nature, goes against science, and it contributes nothing but bullshit fanatics to soceity. It's a disease that has consumed this new wave of liberal ignorance who use shit like Vegetarianism to take a moral high ground on issues they know nothing about so that they can feel smarter than any one else.  I'm a human, and I eat meat. I'm a person, and I care about animal cruelty. I can be both of those things because I have dedicated the time and energy to actually learning about the world I live in instead of grabbing on to the closest feel good wagon. "

 I'm a vegetarian who believes in animal testing for the betterment of human life. Does that make a difference? I'm a vegetarian whose reasons for being a vegetarian are almost entirely based on science, logic and reason. Does that make a difference? I'm not a vegetarian because I like hippy chicks, even though hippy chicks can actually be pretty hot... Does that make a difference? I'm a vegetarian who has dedicated my entire life and studies to understanding science, the world and our place in it. Does that make a difference?
I use my vegetarianism to take the moral high ground on my choice of being a vegetarian, nothing else!
I'm a human, and I don't eat mat. Guess this makes me unnatural
I'm a person, and I care about animals welfare. Guess this makes me unnatural too, It feels good to be unnatural.
#10 Posted by Antsmifff (40 posts) -
I'm a vegatarian because I cannot justify the killing of another animal (we're all animals) specificly for the purpose of my pleasure. It is completely possible In this day and age to live a perfectly healthy life without eating meat. So, as far as I'm concerned there is zero need for it. 
I would have no problem eating the meat of an animal that had died of natural causes or "road kill". 
Also, when you consider most of the animals people consume are treated horribly, kept in awful conditions and killed In terrible ways that just seals the deal for me.
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