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@anund: Killzone might've gone on sale or maybe you won a copy, but it was never on PS+. The PS Vita Killzone game was on it last month, but not the PS4 game.

@alkusanagi: Once Knack is announced people will play it for a few minutes, hate it and start saying "This isn't even a proper AAA title!"

You're right, I think... thinking back, I think I bought it on sale for €5 or something like that.

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"More stupid indy crap." - 90% of the PS4 owners I know

I don't mind these titles, but they really need to throw the AAA only crowd a bone and start giving away some launch titles or something. I'm shocked we've gone this long without Knack or Killzone popping up.

Strange. I have Killzone... I am almost certain I didn't buy it? Or was there some amazing sale I forgot about?

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@jesus_phish said:

The Lancer from Gears followed by Halo's Assault Rifle (I don't even like Halo that much but that gun is pretty great). The Lancer though, feels like the best one for me. I never felt I had to pick up another gun to complete those games unless the game forced you to. It's just perfect.

I liked the sound it made, the Lancer... but the bullet sponge enemies made it feel like I was shooting a peashooter. I really liked the feel of Suros Regime in Destiny. Also, the Shingen E or C... can't remember which one.

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My internet is good enough that it doesn't really impact me. I guess I can see the frustration for people less fortunate.

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Nice screen capture, hehe. Kind of really all you need to see of the stream. Sums the whole show up perfectly.

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I had an american friend mail me some candy in exchange for a box of Swedish candy. A kind of candy exchange programme. I can't remember all the stuff she sent, but here are my opinions on the stuff I remember.

  • Skittles. These are really good, would eat again. I've actually recently started seeing these in Swedish stores as well.
  • Fruit Roll up? Hard to eat. For real, how are you supposed to consume this product? Tastes like sugar and artifical flavours. Not very good, not worth the effort to consume.
  • York Peppermint Patty. Tastes of mint and cheap chocolate. Way too big, feels like it never ends.
  • Nerds. Colored sugar, extremely artifical flavour and extremely sweet. Reminds me a little of Pez.
  • Gushers: Holy sugar, Batman. American candy is sweet, but this is ridiculous.
  • Twinkies: I liked them, but they got boring quickly. Definitely among the best in the package though.
  • There was some cardboard box with little balls that changed colours after you sucked on them. They were alright, but like everything else, too sweet.

Overall, I think there is something about american candy which just makes it taste incredibly, ridiculously sweet. Maybe it's that you use corn syrup, rather than actual sugar... I don't know, but holy crap. Most of the stuff is so sweet it'll make your eyebrows curl.

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It's really not THAT strange guys. Chocolate and cheese do go together.

Yeah Dan's practically a gourmet chef.

More like he stumbled across a weird, but known to work combination of tastes by accident, hehe

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It's really not THAT strange guys. Chocolate and cheese do go together.

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@dudeglove said:

@pkjr92: @anund: Having listened to other podcasts, I much rather prefer the sharp break of "Let's take a break" [cue minute of Jeff screaming] "Okay back at it", whereas other podcasts have this tendency of preening and working it into the podcast itself (and has the knock on effect of sounding utterly tacked on or a pathetic cash in). GB's ad-libbed ads are at least amusing and it's clearly defined.

I actually miss the adventures of Small Business Man and his shady credit adventures, lack of internet knowledge, and poor postal habits.

I listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and I appreciate he does all commercials at the start and end. He also has many of the same sponsors as the Bombcast, so they shouldn't have a problem with GB doing the same.

There is really no need to interrupt the actual podcast, unless there is some monetary concern. Maybe sponsors pay more if they interrupt the show for them? Really though, I don't like the interruptions and "breaks". The podcast has become much more structured since they started with commercials, which is a bad thing in my book. I liked the more freeform flow of the old, pre-commercial podcast.

It's still great. It used to be better.

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@dalerax said:

@sterling: Am I doing myself a disservice by listening to the premium Bombcast with no ads?

In most cases! I've always listened to the non-premium podcasts after the ad-less version went up, and the ads are super cheeky. They're consistently entertaining!

@jeff CC: They're calling your ad reads "super cheeky."

I listen to the regular Bombcast as well. The ads themselves are sometimes entertaining, however, my issue is with the constant breaks. They ruin the flow of the conversation and just generally make the podcast worse, and unfortunately, the ad free version of the podcast doesn't alleviate this problem. I honestly wish they would limit themselves to having commercials at the beginning and/or end of the podcast, or, if they HAVE to have ads in the middle, just edit them in afterwards, don't interrupt the discussion to insert them. It's so jarring every time an interesting line of conversation is interrupted by Brad saying it's time for a break.