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@adequatelyprepared: It basically plays like a good FPS. Playing through the story doesn't take long, neither does getting to 20. It doesn't get grindy until you're trying to advance beyond 20, and really the only reason to grind is to raid, which I suspect is not that interesting to many, including myself. Currently I am mostly playing some PvP and enjoying myself with the game, and any loot I get is a bonus. And when PvP gets dull, there's always some random strikes which seem perfect in length for some casual gameplay. So far, I am enjoying myself.

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I got the game with a ps4 bundle and would not of bought it otherwise. I'm playing alone and I'm not having a great time for the reasons mentioned in Jeff's review. Where are all the guns? Everything at the tower is level 20 and the one place I can buy guns I have to grind faction rep! what about my class Armour? I'm level 11 and I still have the default "bond" I thought I would try and do some multilayer to get some better weapons but the matchmaking keeps dropping me in a match that is half over and my team is already losing! Load times!

What? There is a gun vendor right by the entrance to the tower who does not require rep and who stocks guns from level 6 and up. The very first time you go to the tower the game sends you to talk to him. Never had the problem with multiplayer games being half way through before I get in, not even once.. No idea why that might be happening. As for bonds, if you mean grinding rep for a faction, there are vendors who sell cloaks for glimmer which will give you faction rep with that faction. Not sure if those have level requirements attached to them though.

I do get the feeling you're looking for beef with this game. It's not the best game in the world, but some basic research could have answered almost all of your questions.

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I use my PC almost exclusively. But I haven't turned my PS3 or 360 on in forever, while I at least start the PS4 once a month to check out what's up on PS+.

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Max Payne 3, bloody awesome game.

And I had a lot of fun with Mafia 2, to the point where I wanted to shout at everyone complaining about the open world being empty... it was never trying to be an open world game! It was a story game with some driving to connect the (very fun) missions together. All the people getting down on Mafia 2 for it not being something it never claimed to be really annoyed me.

I never got the hate for Dragon Age 2. Sure they reused those enviroments way too much, but the story and the characters and even the combat was fun and rewarding and really, that is why I come to Dragon Age.

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine... Bloody great combat, was great fun to run through and deserved more attention.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist - The best game in the Splinter Cell series? Maybe...

EDIT: Thanks to this thread I just started playing Remember Me. I'm loving it so far!

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That morning show with Patrick and Alex. I like all the staff of the site, but those two are my least favourite. I also don't really care about horror games or indiegames, so in general Patrick's stuff is not my cuppa tea. Other than that, I don't watch anything wrestling related. Wrestling? Wtf?

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I really find myself struggling to complete open world games. I'm stalled half way through Assassin's Creed IV, I've never beat a GTA game and I finally pushed through to the end of Red Dead Redemption only because I was determined to beat it and refused to give up (worth it). The only open world game I beat with no trouble was Sleeping Dogs. Was a fun game all the way through.

Regarding Kingdoms of Amalur: that was a strange one. I really liked that game, but I never beat it. I remember there was a huge build-up culminating in the defence of a city against an army of demons. You fight through the streets and end up killing some huge arch demon and I was thinking "Oh hells yeah!" the whole way through. And then afterwards the game just continued, and you had to go fight some bandits or something in a swamp. After the demon battle that just felt pointless and empty. So played for another 30 or 40 mins, then turned the game off and never started it up again. I felt that was a good end-point for that game and for me, it ended up being just that.

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@ick_bop said:

He's no better than a rapist

I wouldn't go that far.

It's real easy to become a rapist these days.

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What Ben_H said... don't get a laptop unless it HAS to be a laptop.

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@meatball said:

Fuck all of this social media wars bullshit. I like videogames, I don't act like a terrible person. I have no interest in getting caught up in some shit slinging contest for good or evil or jerks or mysogyny or misandry or whatever the fuck, I'm fucking sick of it. Just play a fucking videogame and enjoy what is an amazing fucking medium, christ.

Mhmm. I concur.

This exactly. There are so many annoying people on both sides of this argument, I just can't be bothered with caring about any of them. Just leave me out of it.

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I never saw the appeal of Twitter for "normal people" really, do people really use it that much? I have an account but I almost never actually write anything, I just use it to follow interesting people. And then never read what any of them say, hehe. I think I personally know one person who actually uses Twitter actively.