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FUCK! This just adds to the kojima leaving Konami flame. On the one hand it sucks that this won't come out (and although they said ZOE3 was happening I never believed them) BUT I am excited to see non MGS kojima games.

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Great list. I bet we are gonna see a lot of Bayonetta love. It is really weird though and I can't explain why but I just did not enjoy it as much as most people have. I actually LOVE character action games but for some reason I am always disappointed with Bayonetta

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The guys were getting really negative about stuff in general, video games and otherwise. Ryans passing started it so I didn't blame them for it but I was losing interest. Dan very quickly helped change that, his pure joy at the dumbest shit and not caring that he is pretty stupid sometimes really changed the feel of the site back to what I loved about it.

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This is such a personality driven site that we are already used to this sort of thing. Unlike bigger websites who usually have a few people who are really into a certain type of game they just don't have the time or interest to play long games, not just RPG's but any long game in general. I think people put too much thought into not having their personal favourite game of the year making a GOTY list on here. I understand that you really like the game (It might be my personal GOTY) but on Giant Bomb the way they handled it shouldn't be a huge shock. Them talking about weird bugs and stuff was probably more interesting then them talking about what they liked since most of them haven't gotten very far into it anyway. Plus it sounds like Jeff has basically only watched his girlfriend play it and like with telltale games he just hates the type of game it is.

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Every time they say they are "testing" stuff I have a hard time believing them, how are they missing all of the new issues each patch seems to bring up? This game wasn't ready to be released and I don't trust them to handle halo 5 anymore honestly. My halo interest was already at an all time low. I wouldn't be so upset but even the single player has tons of issues, random restarts, freezes, and other bugs.

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I had no issues with the scene, I mean maybe for a brief second I thought it was weird but I liked that they tried to make your guy seem less like a faceless shooter dude. The way these scenes usually work in these games always have you being able to walk around a bit so I guess they thought it was a good idea to have you do it yourself. Should have been a brief thing the game did itself but is it really worth an entire article based around that?

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This isn't a surprise to me, I see Disney doing stuff like this to help assure fans they know what they are doing (hopefully)

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I don't really agree that Dark Souls and Spelunky are as similar as you seem to think since Spelunky is much more randomized. Remembering what certain enemies do isn't really the same as going through the exact same area over and over again. Overall this was a great article though Patrick. Looking forward to the next one.

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I was a huge gamespot guy, I stopped using that site once Jeff got fired and the rest of the guys left. A month or so after giant bomb started my cousin told me about it since he knew I loved jeff as a reviewer, been around ever since. To this day I still never use gamespot, but only because it's not a regular thing for me anymore, it seems pretty good again and having Danny around here is making me try to use it lately .