let's talk about straw men and pushing agendas while actually totally not pushing agendas

In my opinion the realm of video game 'journalism' got more incestuous and insular through so-called 'open-minded' people who act high and mighty all the time and try to shut down other people, whilst claiming to want an open dialogue. They even side with publishers and billion dollar companies more often than not, which is a rather a unique thing mostly just happening in the video game industry. Other journalists don't talk about entitled moviegoers and how they should not complain about not working projectors in a movie theater, because it was so hard to make that movie theater or literature critics calling book worms basement-dwelling manchildren for wanting a refund, because the book could not be opened on Day 1. Criticism(from regular people)of video games which are regarded to be of greater value(for one reason or another other) are called childish bickerings of COD-loving dudebros who can't enjoy something different. Made up problems about racism, feminism, representation of minorities etc. are lauded as insightful commentary(from video game journalists) and in no way asking for change of that game or future games from developers. Journalists congratulate themselves and cheer each other on thinking those issues(in video games) are so important and that their slacktivism(making a blog) will make a significant difference. Regurgitating press releases is also not really something which is helpful to anybody who has half a brain or something which is hard to do. This has also nothing to do with journalism. Getting uninformed covverage of games is also happening quite often and criticism concerning that is gladly refuted by the hordes of fanboys of that particular website, personality and what have you even though they are just glorified youtubers with their own website. What I love about video game 'journalists' is that a lot talk about 'this would make a great story to write about. A shame that nobody is writing an investigative piece about X/Y and Z'and they don't do that, because it's harder than just talk over gameplay footage. Only man that ever did such things was Geoff Keighley which was made fun of by his fellow 'journalists' for taking money from Doritos while they get invited to press events from EA sitting in a hotel which is paid by EA, he even asks hardball questions during interviews instead of ballwashing important people during interviews. Funny is that the same people who talk a constant stream of bullshit about somebody will brownnose the same person like nobody's business when they get the opportunity to talk to them during a live stream, press event or whatever. I don't want them to openly insult anybody, before you start making up things that I did not say, be respectful, BUT say your opinion out loud, or are you just as cowardly as you would call those anonymous haters and trolls all the time and can only act tough and demand things behind the safety of your PC monitor? You could say 'how easily bought is somebody for changing his opinion just because he got the game for free and gets to sleep in a shitty hotel', I will answer this question with a counter question 'Why do no other journalists which cover any other industry do accept similar kind of things?'. You will figure it out on your own. I am certain of that. Thing is that I don't believe that most of the video game 'journalists' are corrupt[except for those filthy, stinking European journalists, everybody here in the bay area knows that they are in on the take ;)]. I'll try to illustrate my point a bit better. Let's say Website A starts getting good traffic. Publishers see that and send them free games to review and make funny videos about. Ads start popping up as well. Website A starts talking a lot of shit, actively discouraging their visitors to not buy game X. They get recognized by metacritic and they write a lot of negative reviews. Publishers who did not need to send any early and free copies in the first place stop doing that and stop advertising on that site. Now none of this was agreed upon when they first sent those copies, but those are just unwritten rules. They could try to review games after they get released and be constantly behind everybody else, nobody would keep watching it. It's a vicious cycle which the video games 'journalists' accepted decades ago and don't want to change. What's funny about all of this is that all this drama in the bay area has no bearing in the real world, I don't know a lot of people who know about these 'important' issues. And whenever I tell them about a 'cataclysmic' event about some internet celebrity which got harrassed or whatever they respond with 'what has this to do with video games?'. You might think I'm white and male, neither of which I am going to specify, because my gender or heritage should not matter in the slightest. You can also compare XOXO fest or GDC with any fighting game tournament. One being a toxic cesspool of sexism, lies and white male privilege and the other being evo.Your opinion, your arguments, your reasoning are not and SHOULD NOT be affected by your gender, skin color, nationality etc. If you think I'm privileged, feel free to do that. Just remember that you being literate and your underwear coming from some sweatshop in china makes you more privileged than a giant portion of the populace. Just to clarify I am not asking anybody to stop writing about any particular subject or change anything about their behaviour, I am just writing my thoughts down.

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