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So EU users too or only US accounts?

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@arbitrarywater: I remember how the whole ME3 ending thing went down here and GB talked a lot of shit about these 'entitled' fanboys. Funnily enough they changed their stance when the ending changed and acted like they were on tbe consumer's side since the beginning. Now they were not directly talking to the GB community, but I am pretty sure that there were GB users who were not happy with the ME3 ending (not because it was not a happy ending btw, what a lot of websites liked to claim at that time)

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It is out. Played through the regular mode, game crashed during a class challenge and now it won't start at all. Awesome

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Will Jason be on another podcast?

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LA Noire, funnily enough, I also had a notebook to put some notes in there, not that any of that mattered since getting the right person in jail did not make a lick of a difference, but it was fun for me.

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That is a nice thing to do.

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@erhard: especially therealgiantbomb, right? ;)

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" So it's troubling to think that a game like Mass Effect or Dragon Age gives young players the idea that nobody will ever treat them differently once they find out they're anything other than straight, rather than give them the tools with which they can start to understand and accept the discrimination they may end up facing in their lives."

I don't get this, why is the media supposed to raise children? Give them the tools to know how to handle the hardships in life? Where are the parents to guide them? This is really lame, why are movies, actors, music, video games etc. supposed to do this and that? Are there no parents left do show them what's right and wrong and how you act as a person?

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Wow, the Bombcast comments were locked before I even woke up this morning (it's a Wednesday thing for Europeans mostly). Must have been explosive?

Has that ever happened before? I think there might be a bit of a disconnect between what Giant Bomb staff expects from their audience... and the actual audience they have. And locking threads won't change that.

I just listened this week's bombcast to its completion and this is the longest time for me to wait for the next one(to stay on topic).

Regarding your question. I commented on almost every bombcast a while after they got posted, sometimes even years later(I know, very productive of me) and as far as I know not a single comment section of a bombcast has been locked. Not even the most infamous one(imo) where Leigh Alexander got drunk said how great the fashion sense of nazis were, how hiring some stadium costs 775 million dollars, she had a nip slip and some other stuff. You can probably imagine how the comment section looked. Still not locked though.