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Remember what uncle Bradley said, 'Who cares about console wars? Just buy the game for your PC if you care about performance and graphics' it's not like this is a new generation and the PC ports have been bumpy at best, just like they were last gen.

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Looks to me like this Xbox 360 game which never came out,

Exact same painting mechanic and pretty uninteresting overall. I played Splatoon at a con a while back and man, was that game boring as hell. They may have improved it since then, but I do not care in the slightest about this. Just wanted to share this funny coincidence, I'm not suggesting that Nintendo stole this idea, it's just weird is all.

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So what about the mods that fuck up your saves or game? You pay for that amazing experience now?

What's next? Paying for bug fixes and balance patches from the creators of the game?

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Jesus fucking Christ, are we doing this every year now?

'2015, why is every game getting pushed to next year?'

This is nothing new, you could be complaining about sequels at well while you're at it, acting like this is some new phenomenon.

Also why is ignoring digital releases valid? Don't get that at all.

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@zalrus9: Those people talked about how the Internet would run out, because there is a limited amount of airwaves, they clumped landline Internet together with Internet over the air, they are rather dumb and their videos are badly made.

@pillclinton said:

It isn't. Popular games cater to the demographics of consumer demand. When more gay, black women start buying games, enough to considerably change the demographic of the audience, then games will start to reflect that. And I won't care about that either.

This is a catch-22. The audience for "core" games is mostly straight white men therefore games target the straight white male demographic therefore people who are not straight white men are less inclined to play video games therefore the audience for games is mostly straight white dudes so let's make games we think they'd like.

So when you want to talk mess about video games and their protagonists every customer is a cis white male, but when you want to change games for whatever reason 48% of gamers are female or what? Cherrypicking at its finest. People like to clamor to that figure and I think they need to think it through. Saying that 48% of gamers are female means that they are fine with it or if they weren't they would probably say it, right? Or do they need you to speak for them or something?