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Thanks for the info, I will save up some gold, so that I can get into the other wings without paying.

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@monkeyking1969: I always had a fundamental problem with this digital stuff. Let's say you can do that and upload your mind to a computer, who says that it isn't just a copy and that the original you is dead? Nobody would know except you who just died. There would be no difference for anybody else.

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watch this alternate ending before you decide to buy it again.

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I still don't understand why some people DON'T understand this. Why should PSN games work and disc-based games not, how does that make any sense?

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Won't miss him. He'll probably do something that he likes more or something, good for him, I guess.

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I think that I felt a difference when I leveled ADP a bunch and I think this video shows that it does actually do more than just making you use your items faster.

It's obviously not concrete proof that this is useful, but I stick to what I got and I won't respec and get rid of the points that I've invested into this stat.

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20'000 when I died on the way to that spider-boss.

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Not being human after getting summoned and defeating the boss.

I've hoped that they would fix that with the 1.02 patch, but it didn't help me at all.

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I thought there were no NPC invasions anymore but there are

68.5 play offline and then you get invaded by NPCs in some areas