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I remember Jeff and Ryan talking about cursing on the podcast and in QLs and they said that they think it's funnier to say 'effing' this or whatever and that's fine. Using strong language sparingly makes it funnier or something. Dan is a different beast and I have no problems with that. I liked in the past, dunno if anybody is familiar with that site, but those dudes cursed up a storm whenever they recorded a podcast. And I don't mind that.

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/ If we’re really considering what my Clementine would have done, she would have probably winged both combatants with a non-lethal shot and tried once again to save them./

You watch too many movies. There is no such thing like a non-lethal shot. Even if you hit them in the leg or something you can hit an artery and they will bleed out. Especially in TWD universe with no medicine or doctors around. Cops don't shoot people in the legs to stop them, because it would not be seen as 'non-lethal shot' and the chance of killing somebody that way is not slim. If you want to argue with movie logic, how about Se7en? Brad Pitt's character talks about a police officer who got shot in the arm and died (he cannot remember the name of that guy). Just saying

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So apparently they patched out the option to shoot Mike when he tries to get your gun and I think that's shitty. He leaves you, Jane and Kenny to die there. Their plan was to take all of the supplies and the car. Bonnie can die btw. I don't know how she survived my first playthrough without showing any sign of being in the ice cold water after she crashed through the ice and all that and then she has the guts to talk shit to Clem about Luke's death.

What the 'Mike-shooting-thing' improves greatly as well is the reason why you get shot.

--shoot a guy

--his friend shoots you

totally plausible, but getting shot for yelling Jane and Kenny(I did that too)? Now that is just asinine.

This is the worst Telltale season that I've played so far. I haven't finished Back To The Future, so take that with a grain of salt. I won't be buying any season passes or episodes from them in the future.

All of these characters were acting nonsensical, stereotypical and most of the time it didn't matter on which side you were on, which was totally different in the first season. The first season didn't have more or more meaningful choices, but I couldn't see through the illusion of choice as easy as I did here. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd episode where Kenny asks Clem

'What do you want to do?'

Your options are


2 Okay.

3 No.

4 Do I even have a choice?

I pcked the last one and his answer was

'No, not really.'

That's how I've felt during the whole season. Nothing seemed to matter even when my choices changed stuff around I didn't care about any of it.

Sorry for my long rant.

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'There's a book in this'

for example, Duke Nukem Forever, LA Noire and apparently a shitton of other games, but nobody does any actual investigative journalism and is just a glorified copy-paster of announcements from video game companies.

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I like the Spirit Within (the Final Fantasy movie). I saw it in theaters when it came out and I still think it's a good movie. It was just ahead of its time, release that shit in 3D years later instead of back then, maybe before Avatar is in theaters or shortly after in 3D and you got yourself a huge hit on your hands and I think that CG is still looking great as fuck.

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@locovoco said:

@anwar: Yeah, that was his "Labor Day Hang Sesh!"

Unfortunately, it appears to be broken now, but if you use a twitch downloader the second and third segments still work.

Thanks for linking that, can anybody upload the still functioning parts(I can watch it, for now...)? MY upload and download speeds are terrible. Would love to see that stuff archived somewhere before it gets deleted on twitch

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This whole thing reminds me of this clip from The Daily Show. Difference is that this bullshit is actually happening and that TDS was just poking fun at it