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So MM 3DS is happening for the same reason as the original one, right?

all the objects and stuff are done and the engine as well, most of the character models are the same as OOT(3DS as well), so I never believed the naysayers(including Nintendo employees).

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@brodehouse: I don't want to come off as an Souls apologist, but this complaint about 'no pause' in Souls games always rubbed me the wrong way.

There is a pause, it is a terribly implemented an obtuse way to 'pause' the game, but it is still there.

go into the in-game menu and hit 'quit game' at any point in the game and it will autosave you right where you were (right in the middle of battle, shortly before a trap kills you etc.). So you can pick up that phone, answer the door or whatever. You cannot just pausw the game with one butteb press but a few button presses more does not strike me as bad. Only exception is a boss battle it will kick you out of the boss room and load your game in front of the boss fog gate.

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Irreversible is a fucked up movie, but it's fine for whatever reason. I personally hate A Serbian Film, but there are some people who like what that movie is trying to say(imo a bunch of nothing with way too much gratuitous violence). The same can be said here. I won't be buying this game, but I'm okay with people enjoying this. And wasn't manhunt already a fucked video game like this(thematic, not gameplay-wise obviously)?

People one the internet turned into racist assholes or thin-skinned babies, there seems to be no in between for reasonable people (at least on social media anyway)

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I've read Jeff's statement and once again this whole thing has been portrayed as a one way street. Only people who were against gamergate or haven't even done anything(afaik some people were harassed who didn't talk about this thing) were targets of harassment, no mention of Boogie or TotalBiscuit, but whatever. What about comments years ago from GB's staff about European journalists? Which are clearly on the take and do this and that? I remember that distinctly happening multiple times. You can call people which you don't know personally or professionally all kind of shit and when it gets back at you(years later and from other people obviously) this is somehow farcical and just a smokescreen for people to instigate harassment. Nice narrative you've got there.

Look, I don't come to video game websites for journalistic integrity, I don't fight that fight. I thought something good might've come out of GG and the majority of events were negative(death threats for everybody). And I for one, don't think that game journalism WORLDWIDE is corrupt, so take it or leave it.

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@joshwent: so when pro-gg people get harrassed it is proof that their cause is not a really good idea, but when somebody against GG (wu and not anita, I don't know if she has said anything about this whole thing) gets harrassed it is proof that their cause is worth fighting for and that they just do what they do because they love video games, right? I love this discrepancy.

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Why the sudden change of reporting? Weren't there already a ton of threats prior to this? I am not saying that GB or Patrick should not report about this now. I am asking why it has not been covered before. Weird. Also let me get this straight, it is not okay to come into this article comment section and post that you dont want to read it, but a post which says 'thanks patrick' which adds as much to this discussions as saying'video games'is fine because ...?

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I look forward to some other news articles like

'New MK characters and what that means for you'

-Statements by Jeffrey Gerstmann included

'New updates to World of Warcraft'

-Statements by Matthew Rorie included

'Newest infos about Metal Gear Solid 5'

-Statements by Daniel Ryckert below

Jeff and the others have written their own stuff in the past if they felt like it, don't see why that wasn't possible now. Oh and please don't hold back with apologies and excuses for them if you read my post. We all know that those grown men can't defend themselves.

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So after all this time Metzen and Morhaime decided to stop developing Titan. It looks like they were trying to do something very ambitious and it didn't pan out like they planned. The success of Hearthstone played apparently also a role, since it showed them that they didn't need to make only giant, expensive and development-heavy games. They don't want to be known as a company which only makes MMOs.

I remember the first time when Blizzard was talking about Titan and they somehow wanted that game to co-exist side by side WOW since according to them it wouldn't compete with WOW.

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I think it's way better than anything that TellTale has done, but whatever. Y

our choices actually matter in Heavy Rain unlike TWD season 1, 2 and TWAU. The ending and the killer are a badly revealed at the end and but it's still a decent game imo.