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Because although your paying money for better equipment, there is no way to know exactly what equipment you would be getting. It's like gambling, it could possibly lead to a lot of money in EA's bank, and a lot of people with a gambling problem; if they let they stick with the game.

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It's powerful what a game can, sometimes, do to you. I know I experienced this when Tali died on my mission. I however did replay the ending to keep her alive, but that first time she died still stuck in my head. It was kinda heart retching.

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@kerse: Dude I completely agree with you; something about just didn't seem done. I really don't think that Bioware should be proud of that ending: they can do so much better than that.

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@Kevin_Cogneto: I don't feel "self entitled" to a well though out ending to a game. However, one can,legally, sign a petition to change what he or she does not want to have happen or be happening and then it is taken into account. Bioware can do with this petition what they will: they can throw it away or take it into consideration making their trilogy better off for it. In the long run though, Bioware would be better off serving the fan-base: and by all accounts I really don't think it would be so hard for Bioware and EA to add onto the ending.

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@mikey87144: A-Greed

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@HistoryInRust: Really? The writing up until that point in the game was seriously well thought out, when you have the scene between Anderson, Shepherd, and The Illusive Man, the game comes to a halt. The games momentum literally plummets at that point. If the writers had looked at their work and took more time with the ending: I don't think the outcry would be so bad. I mean if you go online and look at the three endings on youtube, they are practically all the same. So, how is it stupid for loyal fans to want a well written and well created ending??? The answer is, it's not. What Bioware put out on that disk for the ending of that game feels like it was shoveled out by EA so that Bioware could meet a deadline. I personally would really like to see an updated number of endings to the game, they don't have to change a lot, but they should at least give closer to fans who have been with the game since 2007. That is not a lot to ask.

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Grand Theft Auto 3, I was too young to actually understand how to play it at the time. Looking back you'd think I was an idiot, but I really just didn't get it. Now I walk all over games, ahhh, it's good to have neurons finally connect in your brain.

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My honest opinion, you're attention seeking just by posting this. My second opinion, your initial review on the game is really long, especially when it doesn't need to be. Yeah it's good to know about other games when reviewing a game but don't bog down the reader by placing every piece of information you have on the subject into your review. Stick to what's important in the game: gameplay, character, story, acting, momentum, beauty. Find something and focus on it. Your reviews, as of now, are a little abstract and need to be reigned in a little by focusing on a particular subject. Your piece makes a good paper but not a good review. Hell I was even expecting references by the end of it; wait, you didn't have references at the end did you?

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Fucking Awesome, even if it doesn't work it's a great idea. EA has tones of money so I really don't think they care; besides, Mass Effect is a HUGE product for them so they should want the most publicity possible for it, good and bad.

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I'm sorry, but I read your entire article and I just don't think that it's worth it. I play games to take me away from real world events. I really don't want to have this particular real world event pushed in my face. I mean I respect gay rights and respect for all mankind and animals but I just don't want to hear your story.