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This makes me so sad. Condolences to his family including you guys at Giantbomb.

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Never finished it on ps2 so this will be a great opportunity to do so. Loved the game but didn't want to replay 40+ hours after my save file got corrupt :(

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@Marz: One of those games you wrote worked for me.
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Yayyy, finally finished. Actually didn't take that long. Guess I was lucky. 
One of my last locations was related to a popular soon to be a trilogy shooter where big feet seem to be an attribute.

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@GoodAssLettuce said:
" Awesome 3500 people finished the quest set, and it still hasn't registered that I finished the set even though I finished all 4 quests. Very Cool "
Same for me. 
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@almeida said:
" @GoodAssLettuce said:
" Ok so I finished this set, and it's saying that I finished 4 of the 4 quests, but not giving me a # finished or the experience for finishing the set.  Weird. "
same problem for me
Same problem for me too.
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I'm more interested in Rock Band 3

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@PhatSeeJay said:
" I took one of the two thousand spots for the principal! Swag to Europe!  Lars-Olof for congress för helvete! "
Håller med dig :D
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 It's been some talks about PSN Premium and I guess Sony will announce something at this years E3. What content would in your opinion justify a monthly PSN fee and how much would be ok to pay for that content?

I'd like to see a music streaming service like Spotify and the possibility to stream that music in game. In game and cross game party chat would be nice. The cost: $5 max per month.

Post your thoughts and creative ideas here 

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 Peter Molyneux is famous for making statements he seem to not quite live up to. What do you think Mr Molynuex will say this E3?

I think he will talk a lot about Milo and in the end Milo will sue Molyneux for spreading rumors that isn't true 

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