Capcom Fight Club 9/22/11

Alright, I went to another one of those Capcom events in Los Angeles. It was still crowded, and there was a pretty massive line by the evening, but it was at a larger venue, and overall more fun than some of the previous ones I had gone to. The most popular games at the event were Street Fighter x Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Drinks were being served , and they had some small snacks for the guests, so that was pretty cool. There was also a VIP section at the event, but I didn't go there, because, you know, I'm not VIP.

Don't talk about fight club, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I arrived at the place with a friend around 5pm. We each managed to get a wristband, which guaranteed that we were getting some swag. While we were waiting, an ice cream truck stopped by and I bought a sundae...possibly at an inflated price. One thing that was unexpected is that I ran into a couple of friends from my elementary school days, and a GameStop employee that I used to go to regularly, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I was more interested in Street Fighter x Tekken, and I did okay for my first time, I'd say. I'm eager to practice at it when it's finally released. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was more of the same, and I did poorly. I also saw Seth Killian, Justin Wong, and some other random people.

So, yeah, I had fun. I think my friend may have enjoyed it more than I did, who would make some sort of comment whenever an attractive girl was in the area. He was also around to tease me when I awkwardly tried talking to people. -_- Yeah.

Anyway, my swag included two Marvel vs. Capcom 3 posters, a shirt, and sticker.


Coping with Demons

NOTE: There will be some SPOILERS to Devil Survivor in this blog post. You have been warned!

I just finished Atlus’ Devil Survivor Overclocked on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s an enjoyable strategy RPG with tons of ways to customize your team of demons, although by the end I found the difficulty to be overly grueling. I only reached one of the multiple endings, and while I would be interested in seeing the other portions of the story, I don’t know if I have the patience to revisit the sequences that I found frustrating and tedious. What I found the most appealing and was the theme of high school students given powers to defend themselves from the invasion of demons, and through their experiences and backgrounds, each character has a different perspective of what should be done to fix the lockdown in Japan. It’s appropriate that I just got done with college recently, because the fear of uncertainty is an emotion I share, and I don’t know what my role in society will end up being.

To the Internet!

If you are not familiar with the story, Devil Survivor opens up in modern-day Japan, where you take control of a 17-year-old nameless character, and his group of friends, Yuzu and Atsuro. Yuzu is feisty and insecure, and not very interested in this new responsibility she comes across. Atsuro is a brilliant programmer, and tries to find solutions logically despite the illogical nature of their predicament. They are given DS-like devices called Communication Players (or COMPs) by the main character’s cousin, Naoya. These devices typically support e-mail and web browsing, but they soon discover that demons are invading the Yamanote Circle, and these special COMPs allow them to harness the power of demons for protection. The Japanese government has formed a blockade around the Yamanote Circle in response, and so the protagonists have a week to find a way to survive. Throughout the game, they come across other COMP users, or “demon tamers”, who either have good intentions for their new found power, or wish to exploit others in order to reach their goals.


Eventually, the young, naïve Midori joins your party, and once she is given access to a COMP, she has an overly idealistic perspective of doing what she believes is right. She soon reveals that her mother died when she was younger, and she idolizes the fantasy stories her father would tell her about heroism and justice. It is this mentality that gets her into trouble, as she often unintentionally ends up scaring off the civilians she is trying to save when she uses her demons. The main character and his friends are able to convince her that she should act more responsibly because of this. On the opposite side of the spectrum you have Keisuke. While Midori is interested in protecting civilians, Keisuke feels that he should punish all wrongdoers. Through this anger, he summons Yama, Judge of Hell, and goes as far as killing other humans. Keisuke is soon talked into his senses by the protagonists, and he shares that he was bullied in high school. He at one point tried to defend another student from bullying, and that classmate turned on him, which heightened his sense of retribution. Despite the polarizing nature in Midori and Keisuke, the main character is able to coerce both of them that the solution is not as black or white as the two see it.

A third, more neutral perspective is seen through Yuzu. She has no interest in the power of demons, and her ending is perhaps the most cowardly option, avoiding responsibility for the sake of your own survival. To me, she reflects the teenager who is more concerned with enjoying life in the moment, and fears the change itself, while the other characters embrace that new power. Some may find her constant nagging deplorable, but I found her character relatable in representing the average teenager who isn’t certain about what he or she wants in the future. Instead, Yuzu takes pleasure in being passionate about music, or clothes.

One fascinating aspect to these characters, particularly Midori, is that they want to fit in and be accepted. At various points in the story, the characters talk to one another about the importance of online relationships to their lives. Midori, unable to fit in with her peers, was able to find other like-minded individuals on the internet. Atsuro finds a friend that he had made on the internet, and is able to find out more about what the Japanese government is plotting through this connection. I couldn’t help but to relate to these characters, as I sit here, wondering about what I have learned in college. I lived at home these past four years, so I didn’t meet as many people as others have. If you’re reading this, you probably know me well enough to know that I have an introverted personality. I was never popular with the girls I’ve liked, I had no interest in sports or anything like that to get me involved in the school community (plus, there was that horrible commute). Instead of all of that, I would play video games. Gradually, I began participating more on GiantBomb, and getting to know the people on here or on Twitter, and was able to make friends with people with common interests. For better or worse, many of us are more comfortable communicating over the internet, and being able to visit this site and talk about video games with our peers is an important part of our lives. Online friendships will likely become increasingly common in the future, and I would be interested in seeing more films, books, and video games discuss the topic.

Is Devil Survivor worth playing? I enjoyed it despite my frustration with the difficulty. The gameplay will not appeal to everyone, but it is a fairly unique game that has made me think about its characters and their motivations. Each character has flaws or grievances, and throughout the story we see them overcome them. Perhaps it is because of the current position I am in right now in life, but it has giving me a lot to think about what the future holds, and what I will do from here on out. In any case, I hope you all enjoyed reading this. It is a different sort of post than what I tend to do on here, but it is a topic I have been thinking over for some time.


Retro Game Mastering (fan event in Los Angeles).

Yesterday, the star of Retro Game Master (a.k.a. GameCenter CX) went to a fan event at the Little Tokyo Galleria Shopping Center, located in Los Angeles, California. I'm pretty new to the series, but the event wasn't too far from home, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to explore a new place. The shopping center itself is pretty nice, but the actual arcade where the event was held was ridiculously stuffy. There was no air conditioning in there, and there was well over one hundred people aching to meet the Kacho.

There were some decent arcade machines there, but I didn't line up to play any of them. I did bring my 3DS though, and snagged about 20 Street Passes from the other fans present. Shinya Arino arrived, said a few words, and then the fans lined up for pictures and such. Some of the most hardcore even brought gifts for him, which was pretty cool. I saw one guy who was carrying some boxes of cookies to hand him, one young woman gave him a CD with a song she said she recorded for him.

Some swag was also available (business cards, stickers, etc). I think I accidentally got more than what I was supposed to, so that was pretty embarrassing. >.>

So, yeah. The event was okay. I might show up on camera on a future episode of Game Center CX, so that will be...interesting.


All is Fair

Hello, peoples. I went to the OC Fair this week and had some fun walking around and looking at the many attractions the place had to offer. Although I went by myself, and the food was expensive, it did give me some distraction from the pains and worries of everyday life. Like what? Well, I have a test and an assignment coming up, and here I am typing away stuff instead of worrying about that class. Laziness!

Can't help but feel someone may get sued over this

The Orange County Fair was much larger than I expected, and with the amount of people there it reminded me more of a small theme park. I also took my 3DS and finally managed to get some Street Passes, which is pretty cool. Now, there were a number of attractions to explore at the fair. You had your food, your rides, and you possibly-rigged carnival games. But I was surprised by the number of animals present, and there were some interesting shows to take the kids too. You had a mini-circus, some musicians, small vendors selling stuff that made me feel like I was at Anime Expo all over again! Other highlights include a dog performance, an exhibit full of ice sculptures, and a show involving blonde girls carving ice blocks with chainsaws. @.@ One of the girls threw a snowball at me while I was recording, and thankfully I had the reflexes to catch it! >.<

So yeah, I'd say the place was worth going to if you're in the Southern California area. If you look at the schedule, you can plan out some cool stuff to see with your kids, your girlfriend, or your family, or what have you. I'll consider going again next year if I can convince someone to go with me!

This sign sucks!

Here's some video footage of the event. I was too lazy to edit it, so here you go (Video uploading as I'm typing this)....



Now, I like Capcom. I've bought a ton of Capcom games throughout my life, and I own more action figures of their characters than I probably should. However, this has been a frustrating year for Capcom fans. With a number of sleazy practices that have angered gamers and news outlets alike, I thought it would be interesting to look back at these events so far this year. If they do something crazier later on, maybe I'll add that to the post as well!

Capcom Mobile rips off 'Splosion Man

Hello, I'm Sherry Bobbins!

You see a lot of crappy ripoffs on iTunes. But MaXplosion? And coming from a company as big as Capcom, of all things? This was one of the more bizarre releases that happened this year. A blatant clone of Twisted Pixel's 'Splosion Man, MaXplosion left many of us scratching our heads. What made the release even shadier is how Capcom had previously met with Twisted Pixel to distribute 'Splosion Man, but passed on the project. A small company like Twisted Pixel can't sue, unfortunately, as much as they'd like to.

Capcom won't let you delete save games in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Not even the Master of Unlocking knows how to delete that old save file. D:

We've all bought used games, rented them, or borrowed them from a friend at some point in our lives. We also like to start our own save files when we do, and thankfully games tend to allow us this option easily. So, it seems weird that a new Resident Evil release forces you to stick with a continuous file. Now, combating used sales is nothing new in the industry, but there's a difference between limiting access from certain features unless you play a premium, and removing a feature entirely. This is what was so upsetting to fans, and we all remain hopeful that it won't return in future products.

Capcom has no plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2



Capcom keeps cancelling Mega Man games

People had doubts over Mega Man Universe, but I found the concept of a Little Big Planet-like Mega Man game appealing. I liked the custom level feature in Mega Man Powered Up, so I thought there would be potential in exploring that system on the consoles.

Anyway, people were hoping for a Mega Man Legends 3 for some time. And the fact it was going to be on the 3DS made the new Nintendo handheld seem like it had a bright future ahead of it. Unfortunately, that project got scrapped as well.

Capcom keeps re-releasing versions of the same game

I didn't have a problem paying for Super Street Fighter IV. With ten new characters, new moves, and an improve online mode, I thought $40 was a fine price. It's hardly a new practice for Capcom to do this, but this time it's gone beyond Street Fighter:

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition wasn't much of an update, and some will even tell you that the new characters broke the game. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has some characters I really want to use, but then it's a re-release of a game that isn't even a year old.

I might be missing something, but these are the ones that stood out to me. Here's hoping they don't other stuff to make their fans feel abused. D:

This whole mess led to some conspiracy theories being shared on 4Chan (<---higher quality image here), and while they're probably not true, I still found them amusing to read.


Anime Expo 2011- 7/2

So I randomly decided to head off to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles today. It was an okay experience. I'm not the biggest anime fan, but I do spend a lot of time with people who are obsessed with the stuff. I didn't talk to many people, but I did say hi to Gia (originally from WhikeyMedia's AnimeVice, but now works with AnimeNewsNetwork). I didn't buy anything other than food, which was already too pricey, but hey, that's conventions for you. At the end of the day, it was a...different experience, since I don't tend to go to conventions.

It's cool seeing people get creative with costumes. But while the atmosphere is interesting, the panels I attended didn't grab me, really. Aksys was showing off trailers to games I know nothing about, but it's fun watching fans flip out over these announcements. The other panel I attended was the one for AnimeNewsNetwork, who were taking questions. I also ran into Sora-thekey and Tom Pinchuk, so there's that. Anyway, I know what you're thinking - WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!? Alrighty then, here's what I took. Also expect a video up once I get the patience to edit it together. Any other questions?


I took this picture because I know EsRever would want me to.
I like watching people have fun!
Ahoy, Pepsiman!

Anime Expo 2011 (AKA - Anime's for Jerks!)

So I randomly decided to head off to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles today. It was an okay experience. I'm not the biggest anime fan, but I do spend a lot of time with people who are obsessed with the stuff. I didn't talk to many people, but I did say hi to Gia (originally from WhikeyMedia's AnimeVice, but now works with AnimeNewsNetwork). I didn't buy anything other than food, which was already too pricey, but hey, that's conventions for you. At the end of the day, it was a...different experience, since I don't tend to go to conventions. It's cool seeing people get creative with costumes. But while the atmosphere is interesting, the panels I attended didn't grab me, really. Aksys was showing off trailers to games I know nothing about, but I suppose it's fun watching fans flip out over these announcements. I also ran into Sora-thekey and Tom Pinchuk. So there's that. Anyway, I know what you're thinking - WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!? Alrighty then, here's what I took. Also expect a video up once I get the patience to edit it together. Any other questions?


I like watching people have fun!
Ahoy, Pepsiman!

L.A. Noire thoughts

Well, I finished L.A. Noire recently, and I figured I'd type up some thoughts, informally so. Screw grammar! So yeah, spoiler-free, I enjoyed the game. It did drag at certain points, but overall, it was a unique experience. After a time, I didn't feel like trying to figure out what the right answer to the interrogations were, so I peeked at a guide, but whatever. It's a game about story. Is it a good story? Sure, although I do agree with the criticisms about the ending feeling rushed. I didn't have a problem with the ending, just that it turned into your generic third person shooter. Very action heavy. I should do a travel blog and try to photograph the major locations in L.A. Noire in comparison to what they look like in 2011. Road trip! Of course, I'd need some gas money.

Anyway, L.A. Noire is worth playing, but it won't appeal to some for its slow pacing. You won't always have "fun" with it, but it is interesting to watch a setting rarely tackled in video games.


Third VN!

Yes, I have made a trilogy! It still has some of the darker tone of the second, but overall it's more uplifting, I suppose. I'm not sure how it will be received, but I hope you guys will like it.

There's also some romance! Er..sorta. More like an attempt at romance. So yeah, if you're going to play this, you'll probably want to play through the first two. It's all connected. Stuff alluded to in the first two games gets looked into in the third!


Second visual novel!

Grunt....Okay, I made a second visual novel. If you want to play this one, I recommend playing through the first to catch up. See that over here!

My first visual novel was well-received. People thought it was funny. I can only hope that you'll enjoy the sequel, but it's a bit different. It's a bit darker in certain scenes, and more personal. I still try throwing a lot of random jokes, but I have a feeling a lot of them won't stick all that well. Also, I got lazy, so there's some stuff I wanted to add but couldn't fit them in anywhere...yet. So yeah, I made this in a hurry at certain times. I should be studying right now, but instead I worked on this for the past few hours.

With one of the jokes (Which I won't spoil), I started messing around with Audacity. It came out okay, I guess. I just wanted to play with music transitions.

It's also worth mentioning that the game is longer than the first.

The main difference with this game is that it sometimes takes place IN THE REEEEEEEAAAL WORLLLLLD!

So, yeah, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Will there be a third episode? It'll depend on how this is received. Soooooo, I hope it's received well enough.