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Posted by Apathylad

I was bored, so I basically just did stuff on MS Paint. 

 Look at the third guy...

 That pose looks familiar...

      Hm..am  I right or wrong about this?
Posted by AjayRaz

a MVC game with no Spider Man is not a MVC game, simply .

Posted by Apathylad
Some rumors have been thrown around saying that Activision has exclusive rights to Spider-Man, and that's why he won't be in it. Hoping that won't be true.
Posted by Pepsiman
@Apathylad: I've heard those rumors, too, but if that was the case, I doubt the game would both have Macy's Day-esque float cameos of him in the background of the NYC stage, which also happens to have the Daily Bugle in there as well. Activision still might retain certain rights to the Spider-Man franchise like exclusive movie adaptation stuff, but if it was entirely all-encompassing within video games for the franchise including stuff like likenesses, I highly doubt that stuff I mentioned would already be in MvC3 in the first place. More likely than not, his reveal has probably just been delayed due to any number of factors that could be related to production or even Marvel's own buyout via Disney.