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The game feels like a superior version of Burst, and mechanically, the 3D perspective doesn't really feel like it alters the gameplay. My feelings on it are roughly the same for the 3DS game - while it does look and play better, the combat can be a bit repetitive. I'm still interested in learning more about the story, but it's been kinda slow starting with the Gessen route, since it's been a lot of establishing new characters.

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Huh, I wonder if my family copy is still around here.

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That's amazing.

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I hardly played the last one, but I guess I could download the demo..

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The 120GB slim was my first PS3. Funny thing was that my family didn't even have a HDTV back then. >.>

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Don't care if she's a gamer or not, but her posting a murder fantasy about Randy Pitchford and admitting that she liked it really bugged me.

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I found LoL frustrating at first, but I think it's finally growing on me. I can't just pick a random character and 'wing it'. And just like with any competitive video game, I'm mostly put off by the thought of playing with strangers. The other day I was in a bot match, and a random player said he or she would report me for stupidity if I died a lot.

It seems like the only time I can play LoL is in the night when I'm certain I have nothing going on. Because the matches are so long, there's been a few times I've been called away to do something else, or what have you.

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I see myself getting this eventually, but it doesn't feel that long ago since I bought Dead or Alive 5 Vanilla! D:

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Eh, probably depends. If I happen to be hungry and I'm near a restaurant, I will. But I don't go "Hey, I should go out and eat alone today!"