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Raven looked like she would play like Ermac.

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Was a subscriber. Not a fan of the redesign and the Happy Hour stuff isn't around anymore, so...

Yeah, it's too bad I haven't been as attached to this site as much.

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I'm just gonna leave this here...

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It seems like there's a few David " Haters " in this forum. Hah.

Well played.

Yeah, it's strange not to have him because he's been with the series for so long. I hope he'll be back eventually, though.

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Man, why couldn't he criticize a worse show? Like The Big Bang Theory!

I watch the Walking Dead, but I can recognize the show's problems. I didn't like the comic all that much, either.

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Man, so much about this KickStarter seems fishy, it's not even funny. I tried to find info on this RPG STEM camp, but didn't see much. It's hard to get a sense that this girl is a real person when all we see is a couple photographs.

My favorite PS3 game right now is Dragon Age II.

The mom let's a nine year old play Dragon Age II? And man, she could have at least chosen a good RPG. >.>

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I'd like to buy one eventually, but I'm not seeing a huge incentive. I wouldn't mind playing Zombi U, but yeah, that's a lot of money for one game.

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I'd say it's been about two years. Maybe slightly less than two years. I had decent insurance back then, and I don't feel like paying stuff like wisdom teeth extraction, since that's like several hundreds of dollars.

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That was pretty good. Although this was grittier: