Polarizing games in 2010

For me, 2010 was a year where a lot of mainstream titles got a lot of mixed opinions. It's incredible just how divisive last year's games were. One person's Top 10 was another person's "Most Disappointing". These were the games that stood out the most.

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You should also add Alan Wake, and infamous Nier.

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@Jeust: did anyone really hate Alan Wake, though? I may have to add Fable 3, but I never played it. 
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@Apathylad said:
" @Jeust: did anyone really hate Alan Wake, though? I may have to add Fable 3, but I never played it.  "
I never played it either. About Alan Wake, especially graphic-buffs hated it. 
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I played all of these games and the only one that I didn't love was Heavy Rain. I liked it well enough as I played through it, but after I finished it and looked back on it, the story was just full of a bunch of lies and that pissed me off.
I guess "love" is kind of a strong word in terms of FFXIII. However, I did like it and I think people exaggerate about how linear it was. It wasn't any worse than FFX in that department and when they made the game more open and non-linear in FFXII, everybody bitched about that too. The combat in FFXIII is what got me frustrated.
The other 3 I truly did love though. Sure the story was dumb and kind of annoying in Other M, but the gameplay was fantastic and that's all I really care about in a Metroid game. On the other end of the spectrum was DP, which had awful gameplay but the story and characters were AMAZING. 
And Lords of Shadow was my favorite game of 2010. I hated it at first and found it frustrating, but after a few levels the combat "clicked" and the story was fantastic. People that complain that the game was not Castlevania-y enough obviously didn't play the whole thing. That's the only explanation I can give for that argument. And the ending, OMG what an ending.
Great list though.