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Today I joined a small server to avoid players who like to kill folks. In my previous play through I was in an industrial mill with a Makarov as my weapon. While crawling through I noticed that there was another player around my area also crawling. The place was swarming with zombies so I messaged him and asked if he needed help. I received no reply, so I did it two other times. Still nothing so I decided to move on. While in FPS mode I see my screen shake and my character yells. I quickly switch out to TP mode and this fucker is axeing me to death. I was so pissed man...

Its all good tho, he aggro'ed around 5 zombies so im sure he died lol.

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Sega can FUCK clean off. I didn't put money into or anything but I've put time in and now I fear of playing again.

I hope in the English release they block foreign accounts too. Mind as well make it fair.

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Man he could have been a kid. I dunno bro!

But then Nomura has to explain why Vanitis and Sora actually look alike.

I swear that's what a few folks told me though.

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Or the part where Sora wasn't even born yet(i think) when he made Ventus' heart whole. Sora's looks seem strictly based on Vanitis because Soras heart took the place where Vanitis's part was(Ventus destroyed it).

So...if Sora wasn't so damn kind, he would look TOTALLY different. #mindfreak

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@Heltom92: Well if you skip the GBA/PS2, DS, and Recoded, it's easier to digest.

I'll never play this game but still want to follow the story. Where can I go to read the plot/spoilers on this game? I'm being kinda lazy and don't want to search in gamefaqs or something.

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@InfamousNose: Xigbar is Xehanort?


I won't buy a 3DS but man do I have some cut scenes to watch when I get home.

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Damn! Makes me wish I actually purchased Arks Cash, but too afraid since I havent heard of them charging your bank account. I don't want my account banned or whatever for "fraud".

Well this is great! I have a lvl 18 character so I'll be getting the Rappy plate + whatever else and the FUN stuff.

I just may stay on the Japanese server unless there's a way to transfer characters cross-server to another region(Dreaming...). I'd pay like $30 for that feature...

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@MariachiMacabre: FFFFUUUUUU

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Two Knives, which I carry on me. Two swords. One upstairs and one downstairs.

Please break into my home :)

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Do you guys think I should keep my photon drops? I don't plan on buying any Arc's cash anytime soon until I'm sure that I can use a fake address and not have my character banned or something.

I really just need meseta so I wanted to sell them.