"Loyal customer tax"

... Or more rather, stupidity tax. Or early adopter tax. 
This here ( http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/22983/Gearbox-Announces-Borderlands-Game-of-the-Year-Edition/ ) thingy is something that irks me a little bit. Gearbox recently announced the GOTY edition of Borderlands, due for release in october. The edition will contain Borderlands, the 4 packs of DLC ( Zombie Island of Dr Ned, Max Moxxis Underdome, Knoxx and the so far unreleased Claptrap's New robot revolution), and will most likely retail for $59.99.  
Is this any way to treat early adopters? Or your 'loyal customers'? I bought Borderlands day one. The DLC packs usually first week. I estimate roughly I've spent 50 + 10 + 10 + 10 $ on the game. Will probably have to pick up the next DLC as well. And new customers have the option of paying roughly half of that?   
I understand the GOTY editions are a last attempt at grabbing some cash from a game, and build some momentum for eventual sequels etc.  
But to so plainly disregard your existing fanbase just irks me. Sure, day one purchasers have had a longer time to 'enjoy' the product, but is it reasonable that  
we're expected to spend ~twice the amount doing so? That's the so-called 'Loyal customer tax'. Or stupidity tax.  
(And no, I don't feel I've been cheated in any way. It was my decision to pick up the game day one, to buy the DLC etc, and to enjoy the game while it was hot, bla bla. It wasn't at gunpoint or anything. And I don't know how the devs or the publishers could 'reward' early adopters... )  
GiantBombCommunity guys, what are your feelings? 


Dear Diary

I really shouldn't be writing here.  
I need to get back to Demon's Souls. So very close to finishing NG+.  
Just False King and the ending left to do. But False King keeps cheapshotting me. :-(