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CoPilot Music created the awesome rendition of 'The Drunken Sailor'.

They describe the experience to a degree on their site: http://copilotmusic.com/dishonored/

(also link from there to a downloadable version of the song, as well as to Bethesdas remix-the-song competition).

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@Aleryn said:

YES! The game sounds GREAT for fans of Hironobu Sakaguchi-produced Final Fantasy and similar games. I just hope I can play it on a Classic Controller; waggle gets old past the 30 hour mark, heh.

You can play it with a Classic yep, no worries.

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Woo. I just really hope this has more in common with Lost Odyssey and none with Blue Dragon

It has. To be frank, I think it has more in common with Vagrant Story (character design + environment look and feel) than with either of Mistwalkers two earlier games. Sure, the character design can come down to it not being Toriyama or whomever designed the Lost Odyssey characters, but rather Kimihiko Fujisaka (mostly known for Drakengard 1+2 ). He gives them that strange, European medieval look quite nicely. Having the voices actors be british/scottish with a lot of slang words enforces that mood very well. As far as I've understood, same localization company that did Xenoblade Chronicles.

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It works nice with the Wii remote + nunchuck. Same as with Xenoblade Chronicles, the only issue is trying to move while maneuvering the camera. I've played through both w/o a classic controller, without breaking my hands. :-)

It's a bit more comfortable with the Classic Controller, certain things are easier to do, but definitely not a requirement.

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About 90 hours in. Got it 2 days prior to release for review purposes. For obvious reasons, I had to finish the review prior to finishing the game. I'm still not done with the main story - this game is MASSIVE, and to be honest, among the best jrpg games this generation. Heck, even stretching it back a few generations, it stands a real chance at a solid top 5 or top 10 entry.

Arguably Takahashis most playable and enjoyable work. None of the flaws inherent with the heavy handed (and relatively lacking) story telling in Xenogears. No enormous walls of text interlaced with a few bossfights due to budget constraints. None of the 30 minute cutscenes and crappy combat of Xenosaga. And easily a stark contrast to the corridor-based shooter roleplaying game Final Fantasy XIII or the insanely disappointing grind fest (without character, but with gorgeous visuals) that was White Knight Chronicles 2. SquareEnix and Level-5 has a crapload to live up to at the moment.

This is most likely what Takahashi wanted to create all along, but couldn't.

Lovely game.

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I'm really hoping you've got it sorted by now, but briefly:

Sturdy Armor can be found by 1 of 2 of the mechanical looking things that guard some of the floating isles in Eryth Sea (Or in the Tomb?). AFAIK, two island with multiple teleporters have 2 of the mechanical things. Can't recall the name.

Atol Den - while sliding down the ice chute down back into the Nopon camp, jump. The Atol Del is on a ledge just above the lake you land in.

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 We really need more behind the scenes videos. You are creating little pieces of history here. It's amazing. Keep up the good work! 

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@xyzygy: @xyzygy said:
" @apekatt said:
" @Cheetoman said:
" @xyzygy: They raised the price for Live because they added Hulu and Espn, no one has a choice for that. "
Except they're also raising the price outside of USA, where neither Hulu, Espn or comparable services have been added. "
The price rise is 80 cents a month. Go outside and find some change in the bottom of your car.  Also, they're only increasing certain Live packages. In Canada for instance, the only thing that's going up in price is the 1 month. From 7.99 to 9.99. Everything else stays the same. In the States they're increasing everything. "
Look - I'm not arguing with the price rise, I was merely making a point that the price increase is most likely not as directly related to the addition of Hulu/ESPN as Cheetoman would make it out to be. Inflation is a more likelier cause.  
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@Cheetoman said:
" @xyzygy: They raised the price for Live because they added Hulu and Espn, no one has a choice for that. "
Except they're also raising the price outside of USA, where neither Hulu, Espn or comparable services have been added.
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@Vodun:    True. For graphics and immersion it really needs a 2/5. The story is a bit crap though. The audio was a bit boring - too much repeated lines of dialogue. 
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Well, this election was a bit crap. 
I'd rate it 1/5.